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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy birthdays!

this blog will be on vacation for few days and before i go on leave, i'd like to wish a very happy birthday to 2 of my favourite bloggers, who coincidently share the same birth date, which is today! and they are none other than:

kak emil & incek saharil.

eventho i didn't exactly "kenal" dorang, tapi bila dapat daily doses from their blogs, especially their skills in illustrating & expressing their thoughts tu yg buat gua gelak besar la, emo la, happy la.. sume la.. they are really superb or ubercool, bak kata incek saharil.

to both of them, may Allah bless & cherish you with all the good things in life! (i know kak emil will read my blog, tapi tatau la dgn incek saharil.. heheh.. ye ye je bg wishes kan)

and this is a pic of us, tgh tolong tiupkan lilin utk korang berdua!
(walaupon gambar ni diambil masa zaes nye birthday, tapi bole la tu eh.. =D)

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