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Thursday, September 04, 2008

happy birthday little lulu!

a lil shout out to my beloved sister #2, natasha a.k.a lulu for her 31st brithday today. may Allah bless her journey and i hope she'd find the happiness she's been waiting for, in life, soon...

seen here with, from left: my cousin fura, that's her - lulu, billa & cousin didi.
(makeup done by: cik roxy untuk majlis persandingan miya & jai
and photo captured by:

(she's been in and out of love - and even putus tunang once - but worry not sis! we're always by your side to cheer you up and support you no matter what's ahead of you.. zaes, myia, dania and qistina love you very very much!)

happy birthday dear sis!



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