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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

it came in unexpected... : p2 :

ok. ok. enough with the speculations...
yes. the unexpected gift was indeed a handphone... yela. yela...

see, my beloved 6111 was already on a verge of... ke longkang! tapi, since i'm very loyal (read: pokai) & believe (read: in denial) that my fon can hold on for another year or 2.. so gua buat tak reti je la. the only problem with my 6111 tu was that, bateri dah konk and all i need to do was just to buy a new battery. but i didnt sebab alang2 nak beli bateri baru, baik gua beli je fon baru... and of course, i was eyeing for that bloody iPhone yang sampai mati pon, won't make it to the malaysia market (except yang black market la.. ape cer beli black market nye, pastu kang dah terhegeh2 nak carik tpt repair if rosak ke apa ke.. sebab bkn under apple malaysia nye warranty kan..) dahla mahal kan..

so.. i was thinking that i'd just get a cheaper fon and basic ones je la.. and i was targeting for this instead:
priced @rm300++

or this:
priced @rm700++

tapi, i'd only beli when i got enuf duit la kan...

so.. dis very one fine night, i think last tuesday, b came home from klia after finishing an event there and as usual, if he goes there, he'd surely brought back a bag of choccies. so, as he was passing the chocolate to zaes (nah zaes.. amik ni, bagi kat tok mama...) i on the other hand was enjoying watching lil zaes going to and fro, distributing chocolates and wat not.. so, kat sume orang dia bagi and when it's finally my turn, he passed this big box to zaes and i thot it was a box of cookies ke hape.. so, when the box sampai kat gua, gua dah terkejut la! kenapa chocolate/cookies gua rupa mcm handphone babe....? oh no. oh no. it was indeed a brand new fon. i was hyperventilating like a psychopath! (perlakuan normal utk mereka2 yang selalu dapat unexpected mahupun expected stuff)

me: kenapa u beli? kenapa u beli untuk i?? (macam orang gila sket laa..)
b: (muka blur.. like he was saying.. lu pehal cakap camtu?)
me: tak yah la... tak yah beli..
b: (muka terus bengang) isk. teruk la u nih.. orang dah beli cakap camtu lak. isk. menyesal beli.. (lebeh kurang camtu la dia ckp...)
me: err..

so, the rest is history. yela. i'm not used to surprises.. especially when it comes to b. dia ni susah sket nak buat surprise ('cept masa dia buat surprise beli camera, last2 got scolding from me.. muahahahaa!) seriously. the only time i got flowers from him pon masa mula2 jadi bf-gf.. tu pon so happened that my birthday dah dekat2, so, dia anta bunga kat ofis.. (that time i was attached to jda) haha! kelakar sgt sbb balik bawak bunga naik metrobus!! (masa tu takde keta..) imagine laa, masa on the way nak amik bas tu, it was a 15minutes walk from ofis to kotaraya.. haha!

so.. macam tu la.. yes. i got a brand new handphone from dear b! and since i'm not a shoot-and-show kinda person, tengok jela gambar handphone yg gua amik dr nokia nih...

sama la tuu...

but i don't NAME my gadget... ehem! a phone is still a phone la kan.. hahaha *wink! wink!*
(owh.. the real reason behind the surprise ni, according to b, he wanted to give me something as a reward for taking care of his dear zaes... uish! if gua beranak lagi.. lagi byk la present gua kan... muahahahaha! dah. dah. don't go there.)

ok now.. just wanna update another thing... disebabkan i was sooo in need of indulging myself with something, (read: nak beli jugak), dengan paksa relanya i bought wishlist #2... yup! the m.a.c brush roll. tapi.. rupa dia lain sket laa.. tak sama macam kat m.a.c nye web.. maybe US version lain kot.. nanti ada masa, i'll shoot-and-show.


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