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Saturday, August 09, 2008

augustus : p1 :

zaes has already soundlessly tucked in my mama's bed. tonite we're sleeping at her room, b's away for the auspicious 08.08.08 wedding job in perak. he was appointed OP at the very last minute by my colleague for all 3 events - nikah, sanding bride's side, bertandang groom's side -whom by now dah nikah la kot... a very long story. let's not go there...

i wanted to got to sleep but can't resist of having the chance to blog at home while b's away. you see, most of the time, he'd hog the iMac all by himself ever since this slim shady made its way to our house. if i have the time pon, it'll only last awhile. but when i'm in front of it, suddenly my eyes went heavy la.. eye lids rasa berat nak mampus la.. takde idea nak blog jangan cakap la.. not that i don have story to tell, ada.. plain lazy i guess... owh... of which leads me to this...

the month of august is finally here! yay!

time flies in a blink of an eye kan! zaes will be a year old this coming august 18th.. wow! dat means it has been a year since i got pregnant.. all heavy and bloated! whoa! seriously.. it feels like yesterday man.. and i can't imagine having to go through the process again.. er.. at least not for now. or a year to come... er. bukan tak nak, but nanti la. b & i need to be financially stable. nak manja puas2 dengan zaes lagi.. ok. let's drop this topic this instant!

anyway, apart from celebrating zaes' 1st birthday, i'll be celebrating my niece's, myia sarah, who also turning 1, a week before zaes (august 11th), mama is 54 this 16th, 2 of my aunties and 1 uncle also celebrating their birthday... not to forget my arwah opah, who shares the same date as my cousin dila (ati's sis) - august 21st -, b's best buddy, a, turning 29 this 24th.. and not to forget, few of my colleagues, also celebrating another year in life, in august! (and a close friend, p, who turned 29th last august 6th) uish.. so many of them to mention, but now, i already feel very exhausted and sleepy..

dah la. i shall continue this birthday celebration saga when i'm up to it.. hopefully it'll be done before zaes' special day...

p/s: since i donno how to do a polling bar, wat if you readers tell me in the comment box:
  • whether or not shud i hold a birthday party for a 1 year-old lil rascal?
  • or just ignore and pretended that i totally lupa about his birthday....?
(can trust ke excuses like these....haha.)

signing off now. later babettes!

zaes: mommey jgn buat2 lupa tau..!



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