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Friday, August 08, 2008

08.08.08.. wah..

ok. as promised, the perhentian update with piccies... here u go...
(and not in order... nampak sangat malas tahap cipan)

i was snapping away masa ni,
dapat lak shot ni.. haha.

the arrival. kuala besut jetty.
muka tak mandi.. hahaha!

naik lori pegi chalet.. uhuhuu.. macam kambing.

jiran sebelah and i...

waddaya think...? ahaks..

woot! i made it to the deep sea... (yela tu..)

before the boat pegi tengah laut...
supposedly a trip to candat sotong la kan..

dah sampai tengah laut...

the aftermath... uweekkkk!
(last2 sotong tah ke mana.. maybe dia geli kot
sebab kitorg muntah baek punya)

while waiting for the boatman to bring us island hopping...

dat's zaes' hanky hanging kat my sunnies tu.. uhuuhuu..

bin laden on the loose.. hahaha..

bas bandar kat kuala terengganu...
but didn't get the chance to ride the bus tho..

the marines at another island. dorang tengah buat training
on how to handle hostages...

here's another one.. gila hardcore training dorang...

kat perhentian kecik with my other colleagues..
adala brader jual sata ni suruh promote sata dia..
oh. sata is terengganu's version of otak-otak
(fish with coconut katanya..)

my mobile went dead the moment sampai jeti. and to my surprise, ada power point kat situ so i took the opportunity to charged my mobile la la la... halo abdul wahub! hallllooooo!!

the trip was a good one despite the adventurous bus/boat rides we had. didn't buy much tho as i was too lazy to do so (sebenarnya dah perabih byk duit sbb makeup sale kan... haha) during the snorkelling trip lak, siap nampak baby shark lagi tu! seram gak la.. kang tetiba kena ngap.. tak pasal2 je kan.. but the mencandat trip was the most unforgettable moment for me.. bukan sebab 1st time nak mencandat, tapi 1st time i go wekkk! wekkk! kat tengah laut! imagine la kan.. the boat was slowing down bila sampai kat tengah laut tu.. dah la pitch dark masa tu.. only God knows how i felt ok! alhamdulillah tak jadi apa-apa yang tak best la kan.. only the muntah part yang letih sket.. masa pregnant pon i wasn't muntah-muntah like that tau.

oh. happy getting married to all yang took the opportunity to make 08.08.08 as their historical day
.. my best friend's sister, sara; my old skoolmates, siti rohani & nurida... may God bless your day and may you (& partner) live happily ever after...

alritey! will be back with more updates later. sekarang nak concentrate on the big event yang the company for women nak organise, this sunday.

and don't forget to drop by b's webbie & flickr page. dah update dah..




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