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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

pet pot. pot pet.

hermmm.. from my last post tu nampaknya ramai gak yang calling2 and emailing2 me, asking bout the leftovers.. hehe.. well, nnt ada masa jumpa, i'll bring them along. in the mean time, my cousin is busy helping me to sell them kat her colleagues. just cross your fingers yah.. hopefully ada lagi..

to pink stilleto.. i've asked her to keep one pallette. the eyeshadow pots tu sume, ada lagi..

meanwhile, i'll be heading east coast, perhentian island resort to be exact, for our dept trip. from thursday to sunday. i'm gonna leave zaes behind again! gosh! kesian sangat.. and he's been cranky and asyik nak memerap je last weekend... and oh yah! zaes has started to walk, laju pulak tu! dia dah takmo crawl sbb eksyen dah bole jalan! and it happened when he turned 11 months old last friday!! nanti if i got the time to record the vid, i'll post it here ok?

and a lil shout out to my cousin, miya... congratulations on your wedding! rite now, she's honeymooning kat bali. nanti i'll post the pix and video presentation (both were done by ehem.. b) tapi rite now, i don't think he has put up anything. maybe kat his flickr page ada kot.. please klik on the link at the right hand side.. ha. yela.. ada nikah pix je dulu...

the newly weds @ masjid al-falah, usj subang jaya
july 13th 2008

captured by: b
(yup! that's natural lighting from the dome)

okeh. if i didnt get the chance to update.. tunggu jela when i get back from perhentian island.

later, mates!



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