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Sunday, July 20, 2008

crazee malaysians! (and dat's including me)

venue: the grand ballroom, renaissance hotel, kl
day/date: saturday july 19th, 2008
time: 5.40 am
event: estee lauder companies - staff sale

yup! you read me rite. 5.40 am, in the morning, pagi buta sebelom subuh.
and i was one of them bloody fools... haha sucker!

and owh. don't ask me anything about the total damage cuz damage has been done. period.

p/s: to those who missed it but still wanna get a pot or 2 of m.a.c eyeshadows or a palette or 2 of cik bobbi brown's/m.a.c's, please enquire within.


(it's almost 2.30am NOW and my eyes failed to stay awake...)



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