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Saturday, August 16, 2008

augustus : p3 :

happy 54th birthday to my dear mama.

we celebrated her birthday in a very moderate way, my sis' family treated her (and us) to a scrumptious dinner @tgif sunway pyramid, billa presented her with pots of flowers and plants and also a set of reflexology stones-pathway kinda thingey, and i bought her a nice white blouse from ms read.

sorry. no pix of the celebration kat tgif tu as b's camera go on hiatus for i donno how long... actually his canon 40d malfunction on that afternoon.. masa tengah amik gambar kawen this one client lak tu... tah. even dia pon tak tau how'd dat happen... nantila. i'll update on it once dia hantar to the service centre... ya. i know... painful.

anyway, here's to the strong super-duper woman in our life, my mama.. once again! wishing you well, may Allah bless you always and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WE LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH, MAMA! *muacks!*



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