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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wishlist: #2.. and #3.

i've been longing to buy a proper makeup case/bag now but to no avail either sebab tak dapat carik yang menepati citarasa or it is too expensive (m.a.c nye original makeup case is priced at rm900++, from the last time i asked laa) so, disebabkan itu, i don't see the need of showing the pic of the case here.. sebab, tak guna cakap la kan if you don have the money to buy. but mesti you ask why nak brand m.a.c gak? well.. i like m.a.c, so, takpela if nak m.a.c nye gak kan..? haha. poyo nak mampus... takdelah.. if i have extra money, apa salahnya nak beli kan..? takpela.. tak guna ckp.. buat berbuih mulut je..

so, below are the other 2 items from my wishlist. brush roll m.a.c tu untuk menempatkan my set brushes ditempat yang sepatutnya and the weekender cotton case tu is the alternative to replace my makeup case idaman... cantek kan?

anyway, i received an email from my pain-in-the-ass sis, billa this morning. lemme show you the content of the email eh...

eventho she didnt write anything (a screen shot worth thousands of words la kan), but i know she's trying to tell me that she wants an ipod nano and secara halusnya menyuruh kakaknya yang selalu kena buli ni untuk membelikannya sebiji and she'll pay me monthly later...

letih la lu... abis gua punya wishlists ni sapa nak penuhi? =p



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