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Monday, August 18, 2008

augustus : p4 : zaes specials!

i was a wee bit late for this most awaited post of lil zaes.. ok. very late.
anyway, lemme first thank kak emil, my cousin ati and another gud mate of mine, put, for wishing lil zaes happy first birthday.. i received the wishes from kak emil via comment shoutout and ati & put's came in from the sms... thanks a lot for remembering his day!

this morning, i didnt get to talk to him as he was soundlessly sleeping. actually he was down with flu and eye infection for the past few days. weather hasn't been that "kind" lately, so.. but he's recovering. eventho sakit, he's been actively walking, playing and sulking.. so, it's an indication that i need not worry so much.. he's got some early birthday presents from his bonda (my elder sis, his ibu susu, mak si sup bunjut), uncle sheik, qistina, dania and lil myia - a pair of sea blue & lime coloured crocs with a pair of cute superman jibbitz (actually saya bukanlah penggemar crocs, sebab tu tak penah terlintas nak beli satu untuk zaes, tapi orang dah kasi kan..) and from auntie ati, uncle eddy and lil aliff - thomas & friends' choo choo car (as i called it). he was a bit excited i can see. tapi tang crocs tu, dia agak awkward sket bila pakai and jalan with 'em.

takpela.. tanak cakap banyak-banyak. just hoping that he'll be a good boy, yang mendengar kata, tak notty (sket takpe) and soleh. insyaAllah.. (uish.. baru setahun dah macam 10.. haha) here are some pics galore, taken by none other than his daddy!

pada suatu petang, masa tu mommey pegi perhentian.. zaes rasa boring sangat.. so, zaes rasa macam nak pegi jalan-jalan...

zaes: mommey takde nih... check line clear tak?

zaes: take a step at a time.. make sure nobody hear me..

zaes: uih.. almost kantoi.. slowly...

zaes: yesss lah! cepat sket lari...

zaes: pheww.. dah sampai.. eh.. where am i? huiyo.. aweks cun..

zaes: ala.. dia masuk lingerie shop la...

zaes: takpe.. lepak jap.. whoa.. comfy nye...

zaes: ow man! she's out..

zaes: crap! she's gone.

zaes: eh...?

zaes: ala.. too late! nak panjat pon takleh nih..

zaes: ok now. strap me! brace yourself and hold on..

zaes: ... and i'm off to la la land...

so, zaes pon bermimpi...
zaes: eh.. ni kat mana lak nih?
bukan tadi kat sunway piramid ke?
ni pe hal lak cat buat kat sini? ni macam rumah nenek je..

zaes: a'ah la... rumah nenek.. kat depan tu ada rumput..

zaes: ni daun... sedap tak?

zaes: nak lari lagi lah.. bestnye! luas tul tempat nih...

zaes: yess! line clear lagi..

zaes: i thot i taw a puddy tat..

zaes: test drive sket..

zaes: takpe.. jalan lagi.. tadi nampak cam sawah je kat belakang tu..

zaes: eh.. dah sampai dah...?
pakai sunnies jap.. panas.

zaes: ni apa nih...?

zaes: patutla cepat sampai.. naik keta daddy rupanya..

zaes: eh.. camne mommey pon ada ni?

zaes: mommey.. bird! bird!
mommey: ye sayang..

zaes: main tulis-tulis la..

zaes: apasal tak kuar apa2 nih?

zaes: lemme try on my hand...

zaes: takde pon daddy..??

zaes: betul takde ink pon...

zaes: ala... dah habis mimpi ke?
mommey: yup! let's go...

meh sini, family portrait jap..

scrap elements/quickpage are from: nana's attic




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