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Monday, September 15, 2008

yay! i love my personalised rss dolly!

lil zaes and roxymama. in rss mode.

taa daaa!!!

yay! i was so excited when i saw the email from kak emil, wif attachments of the rss dollies i've requested from her. you see, rite now kak emil tengah gila buat rss dollies, which is sangatlah cute to the max! she can personalised the dolly for you with just 500EC credits.
(i think i've explain bout the EC thingey in my previous post.. err.. not. takpe la.. go figure yourself.. =p) or, alternatively, if you're not up to EC lagi (like me), you can always purchase your rss dolly via paypal (USD2.00) or local online interbank transfer (RM7.00)
go! go check her out! you'll fall in love instantly! (i'm thinking of getting an rss dolly of lil zaes too..)

if you look at the right hand side bar of my page, you'll see that i've subscribe to feedburner oredi and the personalised rss dolly, exclusively illustrated by emila yusof dot com. (sangatla susah nak put that up.. biasala.. org buta IT sket..) do i look cute? yela. yela. i know.. zaes yg cute..

i was so thrilled and excited with the rss dolly of mine, i quickly uploaded it onto my handphone and used it as a wallpaper, the moment i got it from kak emil, last week! sangat happy ni..

pinjam i-Sight from iMac jiran sebelah yg EL hari ni..

ok. para-para sakura yang lain jgn la jeles. you can also have 1 (or 2 or even more..) exclusive personalised rss dolly/ies, with just a click away.. if tanak rss dolly pon takpe cuz she also offered other personalised arty crafty collaterals.. banyak sangat sampai naik takut nak tanya quotation ok.. =p

i also ordered 4 more personalised rss dollies from kak emil (dah dapat pon, together wif my rss dolly).. they're some kind of a gift for some of my friends and i shall email them dollies to the lucky ones later.. so, sapa yang feel lucky tu, silalah check inbox anda yeh.. hope you like it!


this promo banner was beautifully done by the creator, kak emila! (jenuh den amend html code dia... don ask me how and why.. i also dont know..)



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