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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bf no more...

okay now.. i'm removing the lilypie chart on breastfeeding lil zaes now..
owh! this is hard but i have to remove it anyway...

Lilypie Breastfeeding Ticker

yup.. i've stop bf-ing lil zaes.. almost 2 months now.. he refused to have em anymore. and alhamdulillah, the result from the aftermath, my boobies didn't hurt as much. they still producing milky milk, but biasa-biasa je la. unlike last time, mesti ada leakage. so now, zaes minum formula only, plus other home-made food. and he's taking only soy-based milk ya puan-puan sekalian, since he's lactose-intolerant...

was i sad? of course i was a bit sad sebab my target is to at least breastfeed him sampai 1 year old, but he stopped a month earlier pon.. ok la kot kan..

and disebabkan the formula he's taking now is soy-based, maka kopak jugakla duit yang mommey & daddy zaes kena kuarkan every month.. (and agak melecehkan sebab the container, thermos and what not will sure tag along evry time nak kuar jalan2)

tapi, these are all because of you, my lil one...

expensive ke tak ke, life goes on. all i want is only the best for him.

so, goodbye goodness of breastfeeding.
and hello to err.. soy-base lactose-free formula.

zaes: it ain't my fault no..?



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