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Friday, September 12, 2008

while you were in 'there'...

found this badge kat most of the blogs i've visited and when i saw it again kat marvic's (new blogger friend i 'met' thru kak emil's), tiba2 lak rasa nak put up kat sini, my whining place. so.. here it is, I'M A PROUD ALL MALAYSIAN BLOGGER..

and owh, this awesome badge was illustrated by none other than this lil lady, kak emil, a self-taught illustrator. very talented you. dah femes merata negara dah ok. go check her out eh. (kak emil's blog was 1st introduced to me by miss jiran sebelah)

to marvic, hi.. welcome to my cyber abode. feel free to come by eventho i dont have the 'thingey' for you to drop your EC sbb i didn't sign up for EC lagi... ;-p

this morning, while i was going thru my folders dlm my apple mac pro ni, i suddenly remembered that i promised a mommy-to-be-colleague, (who is going for a 3D scan of her heavy tummy dis coming weekend) to show her some of my clips and stills masa buat 3D scan tu when i was 5 months pregnant, a year ago.. and so happened lak, i didn't trashed them yet (i've a soft copy pon), boleh la tunjuk kat dia.. hahaa. bila tengok balik, lil zaes tu memang sebijik dengan what i saw when he was still in 'there'.. ow my! the nose, the pout, the smile.. memang dia la. haha. amazing sungguh teknologi nowadays kan.. nasib tak pegi buat 4D scan.. mau pengsan bila tengok the lil keropok kecik in sepia tone.. aaaaaaaa...

so, readers.. silakan enjoy this clip of zaes in tummyland, the best ever, showing off his pout and nose and most of his bone structure and what not. and some stills too..

m refers to his gender, male. yup! that's his lil p friend...

can you see dat?
his muncung lips and he got his nose from b.. sebijik!

the best moment ever, he's playing
peek-a-boo with us (and the sonographer).

mommey loves loves loves you lil mirzaeskandar!



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