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Monday, November 17, 2008

‘friso brings my family out‘!

ok. ok.. this is interesting..
nuffnang and friso is organising this event for parenting bloggers gathering and i seriously wanna participate!

all i have to do is to write why family day is important for my lil zaes..
here's why.. family day is important for my son because:

1. my hubby and i are both working parent and our nature of job always required us to stay back late and sometimes until the wee hours because as you all know, being in creative/advertising line is always challenging and sometimes, hazardous to the health.. haha. no laa.. i'm just kidding.. it's just that being in this line is always all about your commitment to your job.. so.. not to say that lil zaes is being abandoned all the time but being the only child (for now), he's always alone (with his tok mama aka my mom).. therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

2. we never had a proper family day out. when we have the time at home, my hubby would usually occupied himself with some freelance jobs (kena carik makan maa..) or replaced his sleepless nights by.. er.. sleeping throughout the day.. as for me, i'd do the laundry or go to the hypermarket with my mom to get the groceries and other stuff. i do sometimes bring him to the playground near our house, but i can see that he can't get enough of it! therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

3. being the only child (for now), he's always smiling widely whenever he saw the neighbour's child outside of their house but my mom wouldn't dare to let him out and play with them as he's only 15month-old (dat's 1 year 3 months =p).. so as a result, my mom would only let him play at the porch. and when his 3 other cousin sisters made a visit to our house, he'd be hysterically (ok.. i was exagerrating) jumping with joy to see them and he'd play with them until.. no. he's never get tired. therefore, he's BADLY in need of a family day out!

well, i think, i've given enough reasons of why family day is important for my lil zaes. in a nutshell, he needs to chill and unwind, together with his family (his mom & dad, tok mama and auntie) in an environment where he gets to play freely with no restriction and kizsports & gym is THE place to be!

zaes: come on nuffnang & friso! you gotta let my mom WIN this invitation and also the 3 Days 2 Nights trip to Disneyland Hong Kong for 2 Adults and 2 Children so that i won't be stucked in the stroller (again) and slept my boredom away while mommey did her groceries.. like this one above when we're in one of the hypermarkets..~sigh~

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