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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lil darth vader...

haha. takdela darth vader sangat pon...

last wednesday, i brought lil zaes to his paed sbb he was having flu & coughing endlessly, 2 or 3 days before that. so much so, he was diagnosed to have mild bronchitis due to the thick phlegm and hingus (mucus) yang dah masuk his lungs. alahai... but since the paed said it's not that serious but as a precaution before a longing asthmatic problem occurs, she prescribed him with few medicines & a nose drop. and told me to bring him back to the hospital if the phlegm stays.

hmm.. indeed.

so, yesterday, i brought him back to her and she put him on nebuliser, dengan harapan to soften the phlegm. one on the spot, another one later that night and tonite; and the last one will be tomorrow nite... ~sigh~ before this, my 2 nieces pon penah pakai nebuliser. my cousins.. ada la few of them.. tulaa.. it runs in the family and it won't stop i guess..

masa pakai nebuliser tu, the 1st time, zaes was restless. bukan sakit pon, kena sedut the gas je kan.. and the smell of the gas pon not that awful. he was like that cuz he just tak suka kita pegang dia kuat2, tak bagi dia move langsung. i tell you, even his daddy yang besar dari dia pon almost give up la jugak.. ni kan pulak gua yang lite-lite nih.. the strength of a lil rascal.. macam tu la kan.. so.. the first time tu, he was crying the whole 5 minutes of seduting the gas! kesian betol! tak sempat nak amik gambar sbb at that time my phone was not with me.

for the 2nd time, dia macam ok sket la. itupon, i was trying my best to hold him close. the nurse tu siap bedung dia with the hospital's blanket. b & i were singing the abc la, the carpenter's close to you la, jack johnson's banana pancakes la.. he was enjoying it (siap menguap lagi tu..) but being zaes he is, tak sampai 5 minit dah boring and he started to cry. but not for long and this time i managed to asked b to take some piccies..

mommey: ok sayang. don't cry yah.
zaes: will try mommey..

mommey: (started to sing) why do birds..
zaes: mana bird mommey..?

zaes: how do i look daddy? terrible eh?

zaes: dah ke mommey?
mommey: not yet sayang..

zaes: bila mommey nak habis nyanyi nih?

zaes started to fell asleep but his mouth still open...

but not long after that, at this point,
he immediately opened his eyes and...

... started to cried!

zaes: nak baju koboi! nak baju koboi!

ow well.. another 2 more nites to go.. hopefully he'd feel better after these treatments.

phlegm, phlegm, go away..

and oh! i can't wait to take a look at the new red she said holiday collection by m.a.c! m.a.c has launched the collection late last month in the US. yesterday, they were officially launched rite here @m.a.c klcc. read more (and see some pix) @mrmanagerdotblogspotdotcom.

other branches to follow, on the 13th of november.. yay! (macam la nak beli pon... =p)

oh! double oh!!!
a lil birthday shout out to a former partner-in-crime, azni hamzah for today she turns 29!
bila nak belanja kitorg makan lagi nih?? uhuhuhuuu..

happy birthday la weh..
(gambar dicurik from her fb profile pic)

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