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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

born and celebrated: part VI. and some other things too.

yay! it's november, the best month of the year!!

haha.. yup! it's a month of celebration as i'll be celebrating my birthday, of friends' and families' and of course, my wedding anniversary. ooohhh.. i just love the 11th month of the year nih! (i know few of us would agree kan..)

anyway, a lil birthday shout out to my cousin, safura (or the vvip - i just found out that dia baru start blogging.. welcome to the blogging world babe!) for today is her 24th birthday. aren't we scorpions awesome babettes? haha. may Allah bless you in many many years to come alritey? nanti kita pegi fullhouse sama-sama.. :wink: :wink:

the vvip & her cousin, billa.
roger's spa & salon, jln dago, bandung.

the vvip. up close.
(makeup by: roxychick, on her sis' wedding dinner)

coincidently, a long lost friend of mine also celebrates her birthday today, ezlin tajuddin. she's this one petite lil lady but very creative and intelligent, awesome architect (the last i heard)! the last time i met her was 2 years ago, that was during my wedding dinner and after that she's busy with her career la kot... i managed to contact her thru fb, but i can see that she's not that active updating her fb.. senyap je.. and owh, she's also a daughter of the great malaysian abstract artist/painter/lecturer, tajuddin ismail. well, i hope to catch up with her (and others too) soon.

the closest i could get of ezlin's.
(i curik this from her fb.. haha)

on the other hand, THIS came in last week:

i won this handmade pendant from marvic in conjunction of her 100th post contest of her blog.. ehem (=p) some time ago.. she was soo busy with her cuti-cuti malaysia, exams and assignments, sampai takde masa nak hantar straight away.. takpe marvic. dah dapat pon. happy gile sbb pendant ni handmade! and it looks tasty mcm candy pon ye.. haha. thanks again for choosing me as the winner! (apart from this pendant, it seems that marvic ni pon pandai buat beadings kat baju.. so, sapa yg interested to, pegi la take a peek kat her blog... go!)

i have yet to update my family vacation's pix.. but since ada satu dah bocor, the 1st pic above.. just story sket la. yup! we went to bandung and it was one helluva journey! i think ive fallen in love with bandung but if only zaes tak cranky, mesti i jadi gila shopping sakan! luckily jugak la zaes was not in a good mood, otherwise i would've use & burn my kartu (aka credit card) to the max, man! (lgpon i didn't bring that much money.. and i thank God for that..) the vvip has uploaded some piccies, so, sapa nak tgk, can head over to thevvipdotwordpressdotcom. meanwhile, here are some from my HaPe (aka hp.. kat sana, hp is HaPe - is hp la...)

zaes: where are we going mommey?

yummy alert! udang windu bakar @ ikan bakar pak chi met!
(i didn't eat this tho due to some sinusitis issue)

all the food there were good! i had ayam bakar. the meal came with these delicious ulams comprising of fresh basil leaves, slices of cabbage, cucumber & tomato and avocado; the 3 types of sambals.. isk! delicious tahap gaban sampaikan makan 2 kali kat sana pon asyik lupa nak amik gambar of the food presentation. last last, amik masa dah nak half way makan dah..

here's another one. this was the paket ulam ikan meal.
got prawn, fish and squid. comes with a drink too.

and the heavenly spa.

nantila. i'll update soon.
btw, here's the new look. =p

trimmed a bit here and there, some 4 inches of my hair is gone.
and for a refreshing touch - the senget-styled bangs.
(while waiting for the pain-in-the-ass sis, billa - punyala lama dia tgk brg kat the other end of where i was seated. mama sampai tertido ok! last-last, dia tak beli apa2 pon.. ngok tul!)

alritey bebeh!



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