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Saturday, November 08, 2008

sarah victor, the makeup guru.

i stumbled upon this super-gorgeous lady, few months back. to be exact, ms jiran sebelah was the one who had asked me to google her on youtube, after noticing my passion in doing makeup (eventho i'm not that good in makeup). and i fell in love instantly with her skills, her artwork, the looks she created.. and sigh.. her creativity (& her makeup tools, of course)! i was awed, inspired and excited everytime she uploaded new vids on her makeup tutorials on youtube. and oh! she's only 24, just got married & live happily with her hubby chris, somewhere in connecticut..

below is her latest video, a compilation of all her looks, so far.. thus if you wanna learn more, just click sarahvictor on youtube and beautybysarahdotcom. you won't regret it, i promise!
(she uses a lot of m.a.c products and recently revealed that she'll be managing her own m.a.c store, soon.. ah! you lucky devil you!)

ain't she gorgeous?? i just love allll her looks!! ~sigh...~
(eventho some .. or rather most of it can't be applied on a dark-skinned babe -  READ: orang minyak -  like me.. haha!)

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