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Friday, November 14, 2008

blog schmlog.

laa... it has been 4 years rupanya since i first join this blogging world.
(i was in the mood to read random posts from my archive, pastu bila tengok balik, rupanya last nov 9, was my 4th blogaversary...)

and tiba-tiba teringat gak yang mariuca is also celebrating her 2nd blogaversary this month... (didn't i mention earlier that november is a month full of celebration?? best nye!!) mariuca is a blogger whom i 'met' via kak emil's blog. rite now she's having this contest in view of her blogaversary that offers this cute teddy to the lucky winner, yang kak emil dah buat tweakings here and there, so teddy tu nampak personalised sket laa.. tapi disebabkan i'm not a pembaca tegar kepada blog-blog sedunia, i didnt get the chance to enter the contest.. yet. best la kan when they offer a lot of thing and siap buat contest segala.. like when i won the pendant from marvic tu la. kak emil tu pon selalu gak dia buat contest.. sangat gigih ok dia tu! and the best thing is, all her pressies will be of her own personal touch! best kann?

but since i dont have enuff energy (read: ka-ching!) to do all that, lemme jez wish my blog, happy 4th blogversary, roxychick's! semoga roxychick akan terus menulis crappy stuff, whine about petty things and be frank about.. err.. alot of things.. errr.. almost. ala. gua punya blog. gua punya pasal. heh.

anyway, i managed to go check out the latest m.a.c holiday coll i was telling you about earlier, kat midvalley.. hmmph.. not bad laa.. cuma the little darlings je dorg takde lagi.. not bad sbb the 217 brush i have my eyes on ada pulak kat one of the set brushes, which is jarang la dorg nak include dlm set brushes... but this time ada lak.. well.. maybe i'll jez get the full-sized brush je, later on kot.. maybe la.. hmm.. i might la.. tah. tengok la camne.

and the holiday coll's pallettes were.. ok ok la.. if they are priced at rm1 per piece, sure i'll buy all of em.. sigh.. i'm soo weak when it comes to pretty makeup packagings.. sigh.. but kak w bought the basic brush set (priced at rm220 for 5pc brushes, the casing - ada 1 big 1 small ones - and this limited edition purple transluscent paper bag.. very pretty!) after much persuasion from ehem.. you-know-who.. eheh. ala. berbaloi kak oi! i berani guarantee ok..! =p

i pon ada beli satu benda tu, but i shall reveal it later cuz rite now i need to go back to the store, to learn the 'how tos' and apply them. masa tu baru bleh show off. haha. tungguuuuu...

tapi sekarang ni, i am considering of getting my hands on one of the limited item kat the m.a.c store tu.

tapi sebab baru je beli barang lain tu, i think i have to pendamkan hasrat la it seems.

tapi if dah takde stock camne?


(psst! i recently dicovered this one new blog via cik pms nye blog... huiyoo.. takot tuh bila i read her writing.. yela.. mana tau if dia pon baca roxychick's pastu buat review... mati ok! to cik piah.. tak yah la baca i.. gua tak kacau sapa-sapa... make peace not war okeh bebeh!)

i took this kat entrance to cascade, one of the factory outlet kat bandung. saja la sbb dia tulih kat banner tu: will take care your children while shopping.. correct me if i'm wrong but ada satu ayat (of) yg tertinggal kat situ kan..?
para-para sakura, sila komen.

alamak. bandung... err..

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