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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

menyesal gua angkat fon!

i was working last sunday due to this "hey-this-flyer-need-to-be-in-house-like-2 days-ago!" fcuking flyer dateline - memang tak masuk akal cuz they want it to be printed and couriered on friday but nothing has been briefed that morning and sampai ke petang only they briefed but.. arrgghh! sakit jiwa oi ckp psl tu - tapi disebabkan gua ni hanya kuli, so i've no choice but to come.. (can't make it on saturday, b's relative was having a kenduri. can't stay back on friday cuz at that time i was having bad headache.. or was it migraine? i donno sebab never experience it before..)

so, billa sent me over to the office at about 11-ish in the morning and she proceeded to mv with her kawan je, so that they can kill the time window-shopping while waiting for me to finish my werk. as i reached my floor, i can see that the whole floor was dark, a sign of takde orang datang keja overtime la hari tu.. so i switched on all the lights.. so that takde la rasa cam.. err.. gelap je. (read: separa takut la)

i switched on the macpro, check my emails, read my blog comments, just to warmed up before i start my werk.. bila agak2 dah boring surfing the net, i began to worked on the flyer. i turned on the itunes loudly, sambil nyanyi ala ala laa..

so.. masa tengah concentrate buat flyer tu, suddenly adala pulak batu kecik.. ala.. mcm batu tepi jalan tu.. only smaller, jatuh betul2 right in front of me. hmm.. i looked around.. ala.. sah-sah la takde orang kan.. so, i took the tiny stone and threw it somewhere else.. haiii.. baling batu sembunyi tangan nampak? and of course la i didn't melatah jez yet. i've heard my other colleagues' incident kat office sebelum ni and i myself never experience it before, so i guess, 'benda' tu nak main-main gak la ngan gua kan... tapi being me, i just ignored it and continue to do my werk. i told myself, maybe the tiny stone came from the ceiling.. (eventho i can feel that the batu was thrown from afar)

at about 1-ish pm lak, i was abrupted by a phone, ringing endlessly. not realising from which extension was it from, i just intercepted the call.

me: hello..
the makeup artist: hello! this is angeline. who call me just now?
me: eh, angeline.. this is roxy la.. who call you?
the makeup artist: i don't know, from this 7*** extension..
me: 7***...? that's a's extension.. when was this?
the makeup artist: today lorr.. at 1 pm. 2 missed calls some more..
me: ha? today? are you sure not..? cek betul-betul..

(dahi dah berkerut while me checking out abang a's cubicle.. not far from mine.)

the makeup artist: ya lorr.. today maa.. 16 november. 1 pm.
me: angeline... i sorang je kat office ni. only me. no one else.. how can..?
the makeup artist: ah..? yes aa..? are you sure or not?

(eh la minah tukang mekap ni.. bukan gua dah jawab ke tadi?)

me: yela angeline.. i je. there's no one else. maybe a called you last friday about the shoot next week. maybe you baru nak cek the missed calls hari ni. memang takde orang. only me.
the makeup artist: yes ah? hmm.. ok lorrr.. takpe. tomorrow u ask a to call me back..
me: ok. sure i will ask him to call you back.. ok.
the makeup artist: ok. bye roxy. take care.
me: ok. bye...

after i hung up, i paused for a while. i looked around. and looked again at abang a's cubicle. biaq betui! i looked at the time.. keja tak siap lg.. but i chose to ignore and carried on with my work. sampai la kul 4.. after noticing i had left my hp kat dlm keta, i quickly habiskan keja.. (siap gak evetho tak cantik mana), went downstairs and waited for billa & her kawan je tu come and fetch me...

come monday, i told my colleagues about the incidents and abang a was a lil bit heran sebab he said he did call her on friday, and she returned the call on the very same day.. then baru tadi, abang a just came back from his model shoot, he came to me and told me that the makeup artist showed him the missed calls she received on sunday and indeed, the 2 missed calls memang was from his extension, on sunday, nov 16th 2008 at 1pm! so, he told her that he was never in the office pon on sunday.. and goosebumps were all over her after he told her that!!

(haha. abis tu gua takde goosebumps?)

so, dear readers, waddaya think? until now, i was having hard time to believe the fact that the missed calls came from the abovesaid details.. camne nih?

dahla baling batu sembunyi tangan, dia main telefon la pulak lepas tu...

brr. seram sejuk babes!

so, the moral of the story, if you have to come back on weekends or working late, tangan tu jangan la nak memandai-mandai intercept orang lain nye extension. emergency ka hapa ka.. buat tak tau sudah!

dania: kenapa baling batu sembunyi tangan aaa?
(pic credit to: b)

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