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Friday, November 21, 2008

i am 16, going on 17...

... haha! how i wish!

anyway, i am happy to tell the world for today i'm celebrating my 29th year on earth! yay!

nothing much to shout about except that i hope i'll be wiser, stronger (erk. hari ni jugak la my boss nak buat performance evaluation.. ~sigh~), to be optimistic about everything, to be happier and to be a better person than i am today or yesterday.

to all the smses i received as early as 12 midnite, thank you for remembering my day!
thank you for making my day. (whatever the outcome i'd get from my senior, kena redha je laa..)
thank you for all the good memories of yesterday and i shall be waiting for a better ones in the future.

thank you Allah for the health You have bestowed upon me, for the best family You have destined for me, for Your guidance throughout my journey, for everything that You pinjamkan to me, including letting me to write on this very day.

oklah.. malas nak mellow-mellow.. (macam orang nak menopaus la pulak.. ahaks!)
all in all, today is the highlight of the month of november.. therefore..

happy 29th birthday roxychick!
may Allah bless her
with all the rainbow, grapes and sunshine!
(pinjam tagline sun-maid raisins jap..)

zaes: roxychick rocks my world!!!
(i love you very much zaes sayang!)



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