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Monday, December 01, 2008

yay! kak emil rocks!

no wonder la this morning i changed my clothes twice.. at first i was thinking to wear this white shirt over a beige-coloured flair pants, but since the white shirt is a lil bit transparent and i can't find my eff-ing (sorry) white camisole (tah mana tah pegi camisole tu.. - yes, b. i know. i need to spring clean my wardrobe. thank you!), so i decided to wear this purple top over a black pants instead. rupa-rupanya, i am about to get this pressie i deserved from kak emil! haha! the best part was, the purple top i'm wearing was like some sort of a hint laa.. because.. the package i received has my name and add written with PURPLE INK pen! hah! how coincidently funny is that!

roxy: i've got it babe!
(see.. tak tipu ok baju sama kaler dengan writings on the envelope.. err.. kat belakang tu my working station.. lil messy la..)

roxy: here.. take a closer look.
(sorry, i've to blurred out the add..)

taadaaaa!!! yay!

oh, my! oh, my! got card some more! double yay!

the much awaited gift from kak emil, the cute fridge magnet,
all the way from tioman island. *woot!*

the whole thing, in a nutshell.
patutla mcm familiar je
the wise owl tu... =p

kak emil ni memang suka organise contests or just a simple guessing game or whenever she feels generous je, she'd give presents to even the top commentator yang rajin visit her webby. so, to those who haven't got the chance to visit her, pegila visit dia kat emilayusofdotcom. i won my first lil gift from this entry! and most of the time, her presents were exclusively handmade by her you know! so, whoever yg lucky enough, if rajin macam si mariuca, or TH, or ken - just to name a few la eh.. - dapatlah hadiah best-best... tapi kena rajin la. =p

and owh, last saturday was great! that entry coming up soon as i terforgot to take the camera back with me - hafta pinjam my elder sis' cam that day - as where most of the pics were captured.. so kena tunggu la. (i wasnt planning to enter the post event entry pon sebab my assigned photographer on that day, billa, tak cukup tangan.. yela, mana nak handle my 2 nieces lagi, zaes lagi..) but all i can say is that the kidlets were having so much fun esp during the magic show! ok. ok.. will reveal later! gotta continue my werk!

thanks again yah kak emil!!

*alah.. lupa lak nak ckp.. my gambar yg 1st 2 tu were taken by cik jiran sebelah. sorry la babe, lupa nak credit! =p

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