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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008. tick. tock. tick. tock. 2009.

i am short of words.

i'm hoping that 2009 will bring more happiness in my life.
i'm hoping to hear zaes' first full sentence, by all mean, anything at all.
(owh.. he murmured his first 'mommey' word yesterday which sounded more like 'mimi'.. alahai..)
i'm hoping for a slight recovery in the family budget plan.
i'm hoping for world peace...
and i hope i'd be a better wife to b, a good mommey to zaes, a dependent daughter to my parent, a supportive sister to my other sisters, a cool aunt to my lovely nieces and a great person to others.

and of course, a humble human being to my Creator, Allah the Almighty.

happy 2009 everyone.

and to be the cover girl of vogue mag.
or any other mag. can or not? haha.

(superbly imposed via photofuniadotcom)

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