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Sunday, January 18, 2009

sad but it's happening...

i received a phone call from incek hubby b via billa's fon (mine was in my wrislet and bila fon dalam wrislet mahupon poket, peratusan mendengar deringan yang diterima adalah pada kadar -256%) when we were doing our groceries this noon kat the newly opened hypermarket kat where i am currently resided. he didn't follow sebab dia kena sidai kain. yang telah dibasuh oleh saya (washing machine yang tolong).

incek hubby b: mana u letak fon u..? (hampir menyinga tona yang kedengaran)
cik roxy the wifey (koolness!): kat sini lagi la.. (kelembutan di balik kebengangan. sket..)
incek hubby b: i have to go out sekejap.. a.. ta.. ik.. (eh. bukan taik, tapi suara dia tersekat-sekat due to coverage problem la tu..)
cik roxy the wifey: sorry? i cant hear you la..
incek hubby b: ada berita tak baik...
cik roxy the wifey: huh? kenapa..? (alamak kenapa kah? sambil memandang serius dan sedikit gelisah kepada mama, billa and her kawan jeee..)
incek hubby b: along, anak sedara i, anak abang z tu.. dia jatuh dalam sungai..
cik roxy the wifey: HUH?? jatuh dalam sungai?? camne? katne? camne? katne? (ye. saya memang suka mengulangi apa saja yang saya cakap berkali-kali)

begini. it seemed that his nephew was out since yesterday nite to sent his friend back to his friend's house, on a motorbike. on the way back, someone saw him, running away from some perampok kat satu jambatan ni, somewhere near the kesas highway, and kat situ ada sungai klang (la kot.. according to incek hubby b la kan) and eventually he slipped off and pwooosh! masuk sungai... and the witness yang saw the whole scene tu (who was a drunk indian man fishing kat sungai tu, btw - drunk tapi tengah fishing.. like wtf sungguh?) pon called up the police but the police arrived quite late.. tah. God knows how late was the police...

ye. very sad cuz after i got the fon call, i asked billa's kawan jeee.. to sent us to lokasi kejadian. quite a number of relatives (and strangers too) turned up.

and to cut a long story short, up till now @7.42pm, (after i met with my b-i-l and his wife and second child, offering them words of comfort and all, and after b sent me back home as zaes is having a flu.. - imagine his cranky mood - and went back to the location after getting enuff power supply for his hp) there's still no news of his whereabouts and the family members are requesting the rescuers to search for him under the bridge -of where he fell - for the last time...

sigh.. it's a sad news you know. i didn't know along long enough, but my brief moments with him was great and he didn't seem like a difficult person at all. very quiet, rajin and obedient. a good example to his other 6 brothers and sisters despite their other challenges in life. (yep. abang and kakak ipar gua memang productive)

oh dear Allah, i'm praying for along's (aidil izzuddin shah) safety. but everything is really up to You.

i shall update soon. meanwhile dear readers.. please pray for his safety too.
i am so ever grateful for the prayers. thanks in advance...


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