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Thursday, January 29, 2009

you'll never walk alone... (awak takkan jalan sorang-sorang...?)

it's been a while since i last blabbed about english premier league.
jadi, mari kita berbicara tentang bolasepak liga inggeris.

as all of you know by now, imma big liverpool fan. ardent. fanatic. tak fanatic sangat la. but i'm a true kop eventho it's been ages since they last smudge them sticky hands on the EPL cup. yerp! almost 19 years now.


and of course, due to some domestic commitments i have/need to fulfill, there were times that i missed the reds games and there were times, i watched them played (kadang2 with the red adidas - ladies version - jersey on) with my dad, zaes, inceksubhikarimdotcom-the-gunners, my another-liverpool-fan cousin and my-i-hate-liverpool-cuz-imma-man u-fan uncle. and since i hate m u, chelsea & arsenal so much, i'd make sure i wont miss any of the games involving these 4 rivals. and for the 2008/2009 season, aston villa has suddenly become one of the threats that need to be put off el pronto! muahahahahaaa!!! *evil laugh*

of course i know that competition is healthy and what not, tapi sebab kadang-kadang these 4 other teams ni berlagak so much - especially their managers -, i just couldn't resist to hate them simply. especially the devils. and the blues. and the gunners. and now the villas.. haha. macam rumah. (dan ye. saya tau. ini semua perang psikologi dan strategi masing-masing. rafael benitez pon bole tahan berlagak, tapi lepas berlagak, if tak deliver, dia akan jadi coward yang teramat coward. lembu la dia ni..)

remember when jose mourinho aka the special one was in charge of the blues? huih.. i can't stand his berlagakness mann! seriously!! yela. no doubt he's damn good - the brain of all mothers of soccer brain he has - (shite! if my-chelsea-hardcore-fan cousin read this statement, habisla kemachoan saya dalam mempertahankan bahawa chelsea tak best langsung!) sampai masa he's leaving chelsea pon, i was hoping that the americans, hicks & gillett would immediately sign him up to be the next liverpool manager, tapi nampaknya tak kesampaian kerana dengan pantas disambar oleh inter milan. dan rumour has it that he's not interested pon dengan liverpool. isk. kan i dah kata dia ni berlagak nak mati? haih.

incek special one in action. wait a minute? apekejadahnya tak suka chelsea & incek mourinho tapi buat montage gambar dia?? sebab dia adalah antara manager bagus yang handsome yang pernah saya jumpa. aichemak. (gambar dirampok di google images)

ok. now dah lari topik.

so, kesimpulannya, come on you lil twit! yes YOU! i'm talking to you rafael benitez! you better buck up the team or else... or else... err.. see you in court? haha. bodoh tul statement aku nih..

no matter what la eh, i'd still support the merseysiders even if they were to be delegated to 1st div. betol! been a supporter and always be! you go gurl.. eh.. guys! prove to them that you can clinch the title by the end of the season! being on a draw streaks for the last coupla games (the last one was yesterday nite - i didnt watch sebab too late.. ke takde live & exclusive - draw dengan wigan (?) 1-1) sebenarnya adalah tidak healthy, with torres still searching for his fading rhythm after the injury, keane pon cam ada prob dengan rafa (who doesnt? benitez ni tak betol sket. remember when he had a rift with micheal owen? budak tu merajuk sampai pegi real madrid.), gerrard - despite his court case - tapi still professional and roaring, reina yang tak consistent, same goes with kuyt, lucas.. the list would go on and on lah.. haih.

by looking at the table, i'm not sure if i can predict what happen next. oh. dont forget champs league dudes! better buck up la oi!

disebabkan rafael benitez tak handsome, i'd rather show this table i got from the EPL official site. and to read more about yesterday's game, click here.

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