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Thursday, January 22, 2009

bole faham ke?

moving on already...

remember the other day i said i'd update about the lab report of my recent surgery?
well, i only got the report last saturday sebab the report was unavailable on the 1st follow up visit to my surgeon. so, i went again, and the surgeon check balik my wound (which dah soften & almost dried up) and if i hadn't mentioned about the report, mesti dia lupa nak bagi sampai abang jamil mampus! (tidak merujuk kepada mana-mana abang jamil - only the jamil played by p ramlee in madu 3)

i quickly took the piece of paper (btw, it is called histopathology report.. ehem.) and read the content. berpinar mata cuz medical jargons were in every paragraph and when i asked the doctor, he simply answered, "oh.. no. no.. everything's ok, not to worry."

oh.. ye ke? haha. good to know that all's well. punya la panjang report tu, and he only summarised them in one intelligible sentence je. cheh.

(p/s: jargons worth to be googled: papillomatosis and fibrocystic disease. haha! jadik doktor jap.)

bacala kalau berani! haha..
so, guys.. the said lumps belong to the non-cancerous group and was i ever grateful of that fact! Alhamdulillah.

since chinese new year is just around the corner, lemme be the first to wish you a prosperous year of the Ox ahead and dont be too extravagant on your expenses, aite?

image was taken from bluebisondotnet.

and someone's getting old turning 3.0 on the 1st day of cny y'all! yup! dat's you cik naga!
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