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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

in memory of aidil izzuddin shah.

the funeral was held yesterday after zuhur prayer and it went smoothly. too many versions i heard of the accident. but, when it was already written by Allah that his moments on earth will stop at the age of 16 (he's turning 16 this march actually), as human being, kita kena redha je la sebab maybe that's the best for him. as people would say, only the good die young.

during the funeral, (alhamdulillah for him, ramai betul friends and relatives - ada yang came all the way from johor - yang datang) the person of whom he sent home that nite was crying non stop while helping to kambuskan tanah after the jenazah being placed in the liang lahad. i can see almost all of his school friends were very sad for his demise. but his parent and siblings were calm in their sorrow, and it was quite heart-breaking to see his younger siblings yang tak tau apa-apa tu, eventho they know what death is tapi tu la...

below were some of his last words, as told by his mama and mak (how he addressed his grandma):

just before he left his mak's house to sent his friend:
a: mak, ni along keluar ni tak balik-balik lagi tau..
m: ish.. nak pegi mana lak tu sampai tak balik-balik lagi? jangan nak mengada-ngada pulak..
a: takdela. balik lambat sikit..

he also asked his mak permission to take along some mandarin oranges, but his mak was curious kenapa mintak sampai 4 biji and he answered that he wanted to share them with his friends.

few weeks back, he was sulking and his mama called him up to consoled him. and he answered by saying, "ala.. kalau along takda, mama ada lagi 6 orang."

"Ya Allah, Jadikan kematian anak ini sebagai pahala dan simpanan bagi kedua orang tuanya dan pemberi syafaat yg dikabulkan doanya."
Hadis Riwayat Baghawi


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