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Thursday, February 19, 2009

sunburst kl 2009: international music festival.

okay peeps! i have 2 sunburst kl 2009 international music festival tickets up for sale at rm143 each. FOR SALE eh... not for free.

reason being, my younger sis bought the tickets on a pretext that coldplay, jamiroquai and katy perry would be performing and she was all hyped up and tak sabar2 nak beli tickets tu during the early birds promo... but yup! you guessed it rite, no coldplay in the line up, let alone katy perry. but news had it that jamiroquai would be performing on the nite before the malaysian f1 grand prix 2009 kicks off... so now, she menyesal and wanna sell off the tickets so that she could go to jamiroquai's concert.. (am being honest here tau.. bersyukurlah kerna saya bgtau hal sebenar..)

so, for those who like this year's line up...

... tapi nak tiket harga early birds, please leave a comment in this entry & ur email add/blog and i shall contact you soonest. i might waive the rm3 from rm143 tu, so you'd only pay rm140 laa.. only IF you're a SERIOUS BUYER, that is.

for more info on sunburst kl09, please click here.

*yes billa. sila bayar advertising fee dengan kadar segera. sekian.*

and oh.. a special shoutout
to this lil girl, wawa for today is her 11th (i think) birthday! happy birthday gurly! may Allah bless you forever and have a blast!

and also my cousin's dad (uncle gua daa..) pon is celebrating his birthday today! happy birthday tok mus! =p

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