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Monday, February 16, 2009

congrats sis!

on the world-widely celebrated lovey dovey day last saturday, (apart from the most talked about que haidar-linda jasmine's wedding) my elder sister, lulu was happily engaged to her long-lost-school-friend by the name of fyzal. the engagement ceremony was held at my bro-in-law's place and some 100 people attended the event. despite the commotion caused by the caterer (for not being prompt.. ada ka orang dah habeh sarung cincin, caterer was nowhere insight.. bole ke camtu?), everything went smoothly. yang best tu, she received some freakin' 27 dulangs of hantaran (mostly consisted of cakes, cookies, pulut kuning in shades of maroonish-pink, ayam golek and what not la kan..)!! memang record betul la..

but alhamdulillah, that's her rezeki and we hope that this time around, she'll find what she's been looking for all this while, a good soulmate to be with sampai akhir hayat. insyaAllah. we'll pray for you sis! oh. the nikah will take place, insyaAllah, sometime end of the year.

*i didnt get to feel how's it like to be engaged to b cuz we skipped that part. after his family came and risik, we set the date for nikah casually je. rock abis! haha.*

here's a peek.

pic was shot by none other than b. my sister's makeup was done by..... me! yay! and hair by billa. seen here, the 4 stooges (yerp! my eldest sis suka steal sis #2 limelight.. adaka baju sama kaler dgn orang yg nak bertunang.. ceh!)

and for the record, i dont celebrate v-day. and never will.
*saja nak bagitau. sebab tiba-tiba paranoid taknak orang (islam/muslim) lain ingat i celebrate v-day lak. pfft.*

pls head to b's website for more piccies.



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