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Thursday, February 12, 2009

the nite i lost it..

i lost my beloved handphone yesterday. and i am so frustrated.
like really really frustrated!

everyone knows that the handphone was a gift from b and how i treasured (tapi tak masuk pon dalam my random things i love most list..) it so much!

i am so sorry for not listening to my innerself when it happened and i am so sorry for being careless too!

and i hope whoever (read: orang-yang-memang-seronok-bila-jumpa-barang-free-padahal-bukannya-ko-tak-bole-call-the-last-number-from-the-hp-to-find-out-who-the-owner-is, kan??) found the handphone and didnt make the effort to look for the owner, will get like the worst ever kudis campur nanah campur ulat sume tu kat telinga and the hands and will be burn in hell!



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