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Thursday, March 12, 2009

crappy update.

my friendly-neighbourhood-next-to-my-cubicle-officemate forced me to update regularly.

tu dia la tu.. tengah buat keja lagi mlm2 ni. =p
(baru je amik gambar ni tadi..)

and i on the other hand, takde idea mahupon bahan untuk menulis.
(nope! i'm not gonna blog about you-know-who ok babe! never!)

could it be writer's block? my arse(nal). =p
macam bagus jela kan nak claim i have a writer's block?
and i'm not even a writer, be it by profession or by nature.
sebab i write craps. total craps yang orang tak pedulik sangat pon.

ha. kan dah merajuk.

ok babe. aku dah update. let's read yours.

this was taken using my beloved mobile phone yang hilang (sob! sob!) not too long ago.. december 08 la kot. it was this lil angel's birthday, dania. she was so excited to see the birthday cake that she took (or rather licked) the top off first rite after the birthday song.. cute la she.. (i was going to blog about her birthday celebration back then, but takde chance. luckily sempat transfer some of the pix kat my office's mac pro)



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