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Friday, April 10, 2009

abang boxer & his banana split...

hey peeps! ye. kemalasan melanda. banyak keja pon ye..

the celeb phooshoot 3 days ago, was a nightmare. well. close to nightmare la. wouldn't reveal details tho. sakit jiwa la. if i'd say more, nanti ada yang kena saman kang. so, i'm just keepin it to myself. (almost..)


after talking on the phone with mama, i went back up to my hotel room. as i arrived, i can see that my roomate, kak l, was about to dooze off.

kak l, saya takleh tido lagi. ingat nak baca buku jap.
ok ke if lampu ni on?

kak l:
oh, it's ok. you go ahead. i ni rasa penat sket..

so, i took the book, (it was momzillas by jill kargman) and continued from where i left them. half an hour went by (masa tu about 12 something a.m) when i heard a ruckus going on outside. not that loud actually, but still can be heard la sebab the pathway between the rooms takdela lebar mana..

then i remembered something. the opposite room was occupied by our guest-of-honor and i decided to take a look at the peep hole, just to make sure things are ok (afterall, tu dah memang keja kan.. ok. ok. you got me. actually nak menyibuk sebab before that particular trip, orang lain yang pegi trip yang sama but different location pon, had similar experience of what i'm about to tell you..)

since i'm katik by nature, i had to take a chair to the door, baru la bole peep thru the peep hole. and what i saw that nite, memang memsahihkan apa yang i've been heard all these while from my other colleagues la.. haha.

i saw a man with nothing on but only his boxer, came out of the room, tengah sibuk-sibuk amik makanan yang dia order from room service. punyala banyak makanan! and rasa macam nak wake my colleague up je tapi tak jadi sebab she seemed tired je, so, i decided to enjoy the show all by myself. abang boxer relaks je amik makanan, konon-konon dia sorang je yang ada dalam bilik tu.. padahal i know that the room was booked under my colleague's name on a pretext that our guest-of-honor tu needs privacy, taknak sapa-sapa tau dia dok kat bilik tu. actually kitorang memang dah kenal sapa abang boxer tu, he's her bodyguard, and she also said that he'll be staying kat another room (as we didnt provide any room for him) tapi sebenarnya it didnt happen that way la kan..

ada la dalam 2 (ke 3 kali?) kali room service ketuk the opposite room, hantar makanan and took back the empty plates and all and i witnessed them all. abang boxer yang attend to the room service boy, tapi kat luar je, obviously dia tak bagi masuk dalam la kan, no matter how heavy the tray was. and i'm guessing that none of the hotel peeps suspected anything as the room was reserved under kak l's name (she was fuming mad when i told her bout it the next morning.. "tak pasal-pasal nama aku yang tercemar! if jabatan agama serbu, kita yang jenuh nak menjawab tau tak?!") and if dorang nampak her face pon, they'd assumed that she stayed in our room or of our hod's la kan.. ceh. bijak sangat la tu.


memang goss file sungguh entry kali ni kan? this incident happened not too long ago when i was on a business trip. heh. owh well, i'm not trying to drop anybody's waterface but hey, this is the reality of the glamour celebs world you guys. you can still smell a hint of sour milk eventho the bin is tightly closed.

and no speculations please as i'm not gonna give in.
not a single clue. niente.


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