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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the day you were born...

eventho maggi mini snek vegetable flavour ni dah expired on the day you were born, my love to you will never expire and it'll keep on growing by seconds.

on this very day, 2 years ago, You had bestowed upon me the best gift ever in my life and i can't thank You enough for it. terima kasih Allah for giving me this lil human i called son, zaes, ek ek.

zaes, happy 2nd birthday from mommey and daddy and tok mama and tok papa and bonda (& her family) and auntie lulu (& her fiance) and auntie billa and aunite miya and uncle jai.. eh. banyak pulak. ow well, you are loved by everyone in the family.

i am so blessed with love and joy. i love them both to bits!

more piccies coming up soon! gotta finish my werk now!

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