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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hoh! ignorant nak mampus la korang!!

ok! now i'm bloody upset!

i was browsing my fb yesterday when i saw read this one message from the group i joined in memory of yasmin ahmad. it's about this one article kat kosmo yang agak mengaibkan arwah and her family was published, front page some more, just 2 days after she passed away!


double bangang!

actually, when i came back from the office semalam, mama dah sibuk-sibuk tanya about it. well, i just answered few things i know ajelah sebab tengok mama dah macam histerical je bila cakap pasal benda tu. but i managed to cool her down la.. heh.

anyway, i still think that these ignorant bastards didn't have the right to do so no matter how true the stories were! i mean, eventho satu malaysia (mungkin) dah tau pasal ni, tapi apa yang dorang cerita kat atas tu, macam tak mengesahkan apa-apa pon, apart from testimonials from her former classmates or even her grandmom. macam jiran sebelah gua ni cakap la.. takde byline and all innuendos!

as a fan and as a human being, i think it's appropriate for the tabloid to apologise to her husband, family and to every single person yang mengagumi dia. come on la.. dorang tu tak habis berkabung lagi ok! we all know how close she was to her parents and siblings, these kind of things shouldn't happen la kosmo!

i am no journalist but one thing for sure...
kosmo memang bangang to the max!



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