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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

restoran di alam maya...

yesterday nite we had dinner dekat dengan ofis incek suami.

at first, went there with mama & zaes to fetched incek suami from work sebab earlier on i took his car to the studio for office brochure job. sebab shoot habis cepat, and dah sangap malas nak tunggu incek suami kat area ofis dia sampai kul 7, i decided to balik rumah dulu.

after bathing zaes si notty boy, we went out around 6-ish.

when we arrived, incek suami decided to look for dinner first before going home. and he suggested this place dekat dengan office dia kat damansara perdana. the restaurant called ...

before pannaz took over, it was a kopitiam place some sort. bisnes lingkup kot kopitiam tu.

the ambience was great! very relaxing.

the people who work there semua local youngsters (semua lelaki, tak nampak perempuan pon) which is a good sign for me sebab jarang nak nampak anak-anak muda bekerja jadi waiter lagi dah.. (remember dave's deli satu ketika dulu back in the 90's? semua local kids yang keja, tapi sekarang.. rasanya they're foreigners la kot.. rasanya ok) hmm.. talking about this, no, i'm not trying to be all emo about foreigners keja kat cafes or restaurants, tapi betul tak cakap i? you can see now ramai local kids yang tak nak keja tempat-tempat camtu, pastu bila orang lain tak nak, mesti la the employer amik sapa yang nak keja and of course la these foreigners yang akan amik keja-keja tu tanpa teragak-agak.. eh. now kenapa dah merapu? nak cerita apa sebenarnya nih?


this restaurant offers western and local food (but the likes of laksa, kuey teow ke takde la.. they have limited local food i see) and oh, they have tapas too. their beverages pon ok la. ada mocktails, you know, the one you mix monin with grenadine and sprite and what not.. aiseh. lemme show you some piccies first la. cakap tulis panjang lebar pon tak guna.

this was mine. it was from the tapas menu, sauteed button mushrooms in garlic butter sauce.

dah nak habis baru teringat nak amik gambar. it was.. well, something that we can cook ourself, just a matter of try & error thingey je. for rm11, i think it's quite mahal compared to the portion i got (dahla si zaes aka ek ek makan most of the mushrooms sebab dia suka sangat dengan mushrooms) it came with slices of steamed and slightly toasted (i think) hot bun. tapi the sauce memang sedap. oh, i didn't order any main course sebab before that dah makan domino's for lunch and spaghetti with the prego-tin-biru sauce kat rumah.

and since lil zaes tu tak kuat makan when it comes to nasi, kitorang pon order fettuccine carbonara with smoked beef and button mushrooms for him. tapi, again he only makan the mushrooms and sikit je fettuccine and the smoked beef. when i tasted them, it was so so. (the one kat alexis sedap jugak. tapi rm33++ per plate la...)

again, portion nampak moderate compared to rm17 you are paying for a plate. but, sebab dia creamy, so, it's filling jugak la. ended up incek suami habiskan semua sebab zaes tak makan banyak.

wanna know why...?

... sebab dia buat muka camni so incek suami terpaksa mengalah...


he had this earlier on!

yup. his favourite dish, bbq lamb chop with crunchy minted romaine salad, tomato & lemon wedge! ok. this one, for rm17.90, memang worth it! the portion was huge, ada 3 slabs of lamb chops, nicely bbq-ed and the romaine salad was indeed crunchy! as for the sauce, kena mintak baru dorang kasi. donno why like that. for lamb chop lovers like b, memang satisfying! the taste was perfect! worth every lemak of it! haha.

and as for mama, she had one of the local dish,
nyonya fried rice with grilled chicken, sunny side-up egg & fish crackers, priced at rm12.90. pon sedap and worth it. it came with side soup, home-made chilli-garlic sauce and pickled cucumber (kot) the grilled chicken remind me of the ayam bakar we had kat pak chi met ikan bakar during our bandung trip last year. nice!

mama wasn't gopoh like us. she ate the keropok first sebab dia tau i wanna take piccies.

b and zaes had the frizzy ribena longans. i think the price is somewhere rm8.90 kot. rasa ribena with a hint of syrup from the longans.. i had only warm water (the best drink in the world and space!) and mama had the nescafe tarik, rm2.

we had the fresh fruit platter to top it all off. it came with slices of watermelons, oranges, honeydews and strawberries. and a scoop of raspberry ice cream. again, too greedy to get my our hands on them fruits, lepas tu baru teringat nak amik gambar. rm7.

overall, the food there was ok! (sebab diri sendiri tak sempat order proper main course so tanak cakap best sangat la tempat tu. dengki gila! haha.) the presentation of the food was SUPERB! mister mama tak habis-habis compliment them on the food presentation. but some of the dishes tu ada yang worth every penny! so, sapa-sapa nak try, go ahead! tak rugi la senang cerita. you can find more infos, here. owh, another thing, it's halal, the chef/owner is a muslim by the name of annaz ismail and their dishes are all alcohol-free! yay!

and macam biasa, tak sah kalau tak camwhoring dengan si dia dan dia yang tercinta:

mommmey: ek ek, nyooom.. nyoomm..
(read: zaes, senyum.. senyumm..)

zaes: mommey, i think there's a mushroom behind my ears.. mm.. sedap!

fotogedik mommey and his son yang tah pape.
*masa ni one of the waiters laughed and complimented zaes sebab pandai pose.. was this even a pose? macam nak buat cover album kumpulan rock kapak mana tah sebab sorang pandang bintang, sorang pandang bulan..*

zaes: daddy, let's do the pick-the-mushrooms-behind-your-ears-and-pop-them-inside-your-mouth pose!
daddy: apa-apa la ek ek...

sekian dari saya mariah tunku sobrie untuk jalan-jalan mentekedarah!
*sambil sedut air suam dari straw besar at one shot...*

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