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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

signed, sealed, delivered. and she's yours!

dunia ni tak besar mana, nak nak malaysia ni. pegi sini, pegi sana, tup tup jumpa jugak. like what i'm trying to do before, kalau bole taknak la semua orang (yang i kenal especially) tau i ada blog ni, but like i said, it's a small world. orang dah terjumpa, terjumpa la jugak.

anyway, i've promised myself not to panjang-panjangkan lagi benda yang dah lapuk. or if dalam term accounting, hutang terakru katanya...

oklah, my dear readers, i'll be back with more stories and more piccies of whatever soon.

meanwhile, i just wanna say selamat pengantin baru to a good friend of mine, one & her hubby, aiz! they tied the knot last sunday (during father's day), i missed the solemnisation as i came late (cannot go early sebab si kenit zaes bangun lambat) but glad to see her, finally getting married to the love of her life!

i heard the solemnisation was well.. a wee bit solemn & emotional sket cuz her late arwah mother is not there to celebrate their happy day kan. but, sad stories aside, i'm sure she's looking down from heaven and mesti happy with everything. to the both of you, selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan and insyaAllah, everything will be smooth-sailing after this! glad that you love our wedding gift! may Allah bless you with (well, i said it once, and now i'm saying it again) rainbow, glitters & sunshine! and lots of kids too! u babe! *awwwwww....*

the newly-weds, one aiz. pic courtesy of subhikarimdotcom.
(jangan marah, kat subhikarimdotcom. pon blom published lagi k? eh, kenapa bridesmaid nampak marah? hehe.. no hard feelings chiq!)



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