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Friday, June 12, 2009

dania says the darnest things...

last saturday, we spent the day at my auntie's place in melawati to celebrate my cousin's birthday. my mama went there a day with my sis#1 and her family sebab my cousin's wife mintak tolong dia masakkan some complicated delicacies untuk dia makan sebelum dia bersalin.

*oh, btw, congrats to the both of you upon the arrival of your 2nd child, tya orked bt mohd alfian. she was born 3 days after her father's birthday. belum sempat amik gambar lagi..

and so, while zaes and his cousins playing and fighting over toys, occasionally lepas makan, zaes would surely come to me and mintak rambutan. i was peeling them rambutans when dania came to me and asked for the rambutan.

dania: auntie, nak sikit boleh?
me: no cannot. nanti dania batuk.
(at that time pon dia tengah selsema sket)

pastu she just went to the living room and i continued peeling rambutans sambil tengok zaes kena buli dengan myia sarah. then dania came back to me.

dania: auntie, daddy cakap dania boleh la makan orang utan.
me: ha? apa? makan orang utan..?
dania: yang buah tu tadi tula.. orang utan.
me: muahahahaa.. bukan orang utan la, rambutan..

yang lain bila dengar pon tergelak besar jugak! adoi.. budak kecik ni memang kelakar tol. tapi nasib baik she's ok sebab usually she didnt like it if orang gelakkan dia. ok la sebab pastu i suapkan rambutan kat dia..

shortly after, dania went to her daddy and said something. then i heard her daddy said, "dania ingat daddy ni pembantu ke?" at that time, i wasn't sure why he said that to her and i thought it was rather improper for him to say that to the lil girl.. yela, maybe she needs something ke, nak mintak tolong ke, tapi daddy dia cakap macam tu kan.. but lepas tu my bro-in-law told us a story that ada one day tu my sis asked dania to do some chores for her. with an innocent face (or rather annoyed kot sebab kena tolong buat keja) she answered her mummy, "mummy. mummy ingat dania ni pembantu ke?" hahaha. kelakar betul anak sedara aku sorang ni..

dahla dia insist sangat my mama to stay at their house for a longer period pastu siap cakap kat my mama, " takpela. tok mama tinggal la kat sini lama-lama. boleh mop lantai ke, lap tingkap ke.. sapu-sapu ke..."

tsk. tsk. kids nowadays memang TERLEBIH DNA...

the 3 princesses. from left: the elder sis, naimi qistina, the youngest myia sarah and the lil entertainer, aishah dania. i just love them to bits!

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