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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

dollah dolly, sarip dol..

"lu apehal dol?"
"dol betol la ko ni.."
"cun gila dol!"

well, at least dol means something like.. tah.. it's only a slang thingey la kan..
it's wayyyy better than...

"lu apehal doh?"
"doh betol la ko ni.."
"cun gila doh!"

... which clearly depicts "bodoh" in a way...
but someone didn't like my way of talking.

sorry la ok.

gua memang dol betol! heysh..

gambar hiasan: cee jay's place kat seksyen 11, pj (just few doors away from dato khaty ibrahim's khadijah's kitchen). kereta biru yang ada api tu memang dol betol! macam kereta back to the future la pulak gua tengok..
*ingat hard rock cafe je bole display kenderaan? cee jay's place can also okeh!*

*oh noo!! updated dol entry*

dol, remember this entry? i am soooo gonna go.. again! aarrrggghhhhh!
*madness sudah bermula*



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