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Monday, June 15, 2009

age DOES matter!

a relationship between mr x and miss y has come to an end. it was only today i realised that it really ended when i click a link on the net, forwarded by miss y.

i was rather amused than being angry when i saw the link.

you see, miss y is only A YEAR OLDER than mr x, but since love is great and age does not matter, both of them were serious madly in love back then and i only see romantic moves whenever i got the chance to hang out with them.

but, after they went separate ways, miss y was in sorrow and only recently she has finally got the strength to face the world (kamon la.. 14-year-old courtship was being wasted and down to the drain it goes.. mau tak gila?) and moves on. coincidentally, today is her birthday and since i'm still very much in touch with her, i smsed her this morning to wish her happy birthday. she replied and told me to check my email. it was a link to a newspaper article, to be exact, a gossip column in one of the daily tabloids, with headline about miss z (a well-known figure in the music industry) is "dating" mr x, with a picture proof of the both of them attending a wedding of a friend.. and the best part is.. ok.. brace yourself.. miss z is like (more or less) 16 YEARS OLDER than mr x! mana tak gelak besar??

so, i replied her email with all sorts of encouraging words and i was impressed by the way she took everything. she even prays for mr x wellbeing and what not ok? she has a very pure heart indeed. yela, as they always say, if you love somebody, you gotta have the guts to let him/her go. i guess she's doing it rite now, finally, slowly letting him go...

i'm not quite sure if miss z is the one of the reasons of their breakup (actually i thought mr x is with adik miss z, let's call adik miss z, miss w shall we.. sebab currently mr x is in the midst of producing miss w's album.. er. not photo album but album lagu laa.. and mind you, miss w is a legendary female singer in the industry.. heh..) but whatever the reason is, if mr x goes for younger girls, i understand (tapi eventho miss y is a year older, she doesn't look her age at all pon ok!) but miss z?? hello.. wtf??

then miss y replied to me this:

you know what my other friends say?
"tak tau pulak dia nak grandma, patutla i don't fit the bill!"

hahahahaa! sorry miss z & mr x but that's a good one!

no. i'm not trying to be in denial (me? denial? perrghhh!), jauh sekali nak deny kuasa Allah, tapi tu la.. why la mr x? why her, the andartu?

oklah. dah. stop being emotional. kata pon gossip column. let's pray that it's just gossip.

to miss y, i'll always pray to Allah that you'll find someone who is dear to you, who'd love you for who you are and ready to be with you forever ok.

now, that's a good laugh on your birthday, yes? =p


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