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Friday, June 19, 2009

ayah. bapak. daddy. walid. in my case, mister papa.

hey korang...

if korang yang selalu baca my blog ni sure notice that i seldom writes about my mister papa, if ada pon maybe you didn't notice sebab sikit sangat cerita pasal dia. well, true enough, i seldom writes or discuss about him (and most of the time, if we had gatherings or any other family thingey, mesti tak pernah mention pasal mister papa) sebab i'm not that close to him and the fact that he's one guy yang selalu suka buat his own stuff and what not lah.

but of course, we chatted sometimes, bring him out to dinners and all the normal things a daughter would do to her parent la kan. cuma tak selalu je. maybe sebab tu kot i feel that i'm not that close to him. but nevertheless, i know somehow that we had few things in common, among others; i inherited his art side (he was a graphic designer once upon a time), we support the same epl team which is none other that liverpool and love watching football together (he used to bring me out to the stadium to watch malaysia premier league matches when i was a little), we were both arrogant and hard-headed, always at each others throat (haha! a huge, honest confession that was!) and of course, he always said (i think my other family members pon said the same thing about me) that i like to argue (tak kira i'm guilty or not.. mesti nak menang! yela, masa kecik cita-cita nak jadi lawyer, tapi tak cukup pandai nak amik law)... what else yah..? hmm.. i guess tu je la yang i can think of.

but when i started to have my own family, and the fact that some things changed over the years (read: makcik dah tua!), i do have some soft spots, somewhere in my heart whenever i looked at his face. oh, one thing about him that i noticed, eventho he's 62 years old now, but he doesn't look like one. he looks younger than that (tulah.. kuasa Allah, there may be some things yang dia tak dapat, tapi mungkin sebab dia rajin solat and mengaji, Allah bagi nur kat dia berkat air wudhu'..) a lot of things happened but i guess, being her daughter, whatever flaws he did and no matter how bad the situation is, i'll always cherished him and of course, love him till the final days of my life. yelah, without him, i won't even be in this world, no?

i'll always pray for your health and well being, mister papa. and you'd always be zaes' favourite tok papa forever.

and alfatihah to my arwah father-in-law. (i didn't to get to know him well as he passed away 5 months after we tied the knot. but the wasiat yang arwah bapak tinggalkan kat incek suami before he left, insyaAllah, it'll happen. sooner or later...)

and... (meh kira berapa banyak and kat entry ni)

to daddy zaes, you jadik footnote je hari ni sebab cerita pasal you dah banyak pon. siap masuk newspaper lagi kan..? hahaha. but, you're the best daddy for zaes in the whole wide world and will always be.. i love you very much too!

mister papa, photographed here by.. err.. who else, with lil zaes when he was few months old (serious tak ingat umur ek ek masa tu!)

happy father's day!


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