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Monday, July 13, 2009

s e z(ee) s a b c . . .

yay! finally, mempunyai kemudahan internet at home tidak pernah seindah ini! (er.. yela, tak pernah seindah macam kat ofis la i mean...)

incek suami has subscribed to p1 w1max, w1max your home with high-speed wireless broadband, with just one wi-fi enabled desktop modem! *voice over ends*

tip top i tell you! before this kitorang subscribe to maxis boredband and hell yeah the service was like... hell! connection asyik terminate je after few minutes online! we were so fed up with maxis, we didnt pay the last couple of month nye fees and when the customer service person called me up to remind me about the payment, i told her about the connection and she also agreed with it sebab currently they're having difficulties dengan our neighbourhood. (and why didn't they say anything when i called to complained about the connection before this? ni tak, asyik-asyik suruh buat the online speedometer test! ngok ngek betul!)

so, last wednesday, incek suami went to the hypermarket near our house to get the modem from the p1 booth. he took the home plus plan, with speeds (are on best effort basis - according to the footnote) of up to 1.2mbps for downloading and 500kbps for uploading and fair usage threshold of 20gb with a fee of rm99 per month. and the wi-fi enabled desktop modem is free if you keep on using (and pay for) the service for the next 24 months. what you need to get you started is rm100 as an inital deposit (refundable if you decided to terminate the service 7-days after registeration) and of course a laptop or desktop computer la kan! owh, sapa-sapa yang eksyen ada iphone, ipod touch (ehem!) or wi-fi enabled mobile phone pon bole surf internet with this new w1max wi-fi enabled modem.... eh. kalau nak buat duit pon bole, asal ada tetamu atau sedara mara datang rumah, if they want to surf the internet dengan wi-fi enabled device dorang, mintak la sorang rm5 pastu baru bagi password. tapi password tu, owner kena type sendiri so that dia takleh share dengan orang lain yang nak jimat duit. yela, kalau korang pegi starbucks or kassa corner kat putra heights seksyen 10 tu ke (hey! jangan lupa mamak ali maju kat ukay perdana pon ada wi-fi okeh!), tau pulak nak beli minuman kat situ semata-mata nak surf internet. haha. dah macam advertorial la pulak. for more insights, please click p1.

jakun gila (feel ala-ala tengah lepak kat seoul garden atau makan mcdonalds kat macd ss15 sambil baca newspaper online) check blog dari phone i sejurus selepas bangun dari tido, di atas katil, di bilik i. incek suami siap gelakkan lagi, boleh? *ah, you tau apa pasal perasaan mempunyai segala pengetahuan di hujung jari biar di mana pon anda berada..? main slide slide je tau. haha.*

zaes: mommey, pacifier ek ek ada wi-fi tak?

*the article above serves as a PERSONAL OPINION only and not in any way endorsed by any company, any affiliates whatsoever. you may or may not agree to everything i wrote here, tapi kalau ada yang nak bagi endorsement, boleh jugak. haha! mengada.*



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