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Monday, June 29, 2009


to the blasphemous anonymous,
(who is apparently using the same puteri & penyokong puteri ID)

look! you really wanna test how far can i go innit?? ok.. now i'm gonna tell you only one thing, just wait for a police to show up at your place and have you arrest once and for all as i can't stand anymore malicious comments from you. bila engkau dah masuk tempat orang, tak bagi salam pulak tu, orang dah cuba melayan kerenah meroyan engkau tu sebaik mungkin, tapi engkau masih tak faham bahasa jugak, i am dark-skinned and i'm so ever proud about it sebab Allah dah tentukan aku macam tu, tapi sebab engkau dah cakap fitnah yang melampau pasal mak aku, memang akan kena jugak ni! (memang payah cakap dengan orang yang suka memfitnah ni!)

seriously, i'm gonna make a POLICE REPORT and it's not hard to find you because, i have your location and i SERIOUSLY know who you are! (dah bagitau banyak kali ni... masih tak paham-paham jugak..)

dah bagitau awal2, tapi tak paham jugak, memang tak lama lagi jadi headline suratkhabar la engkau!! I'M SERIOUS OKAY!!

i don't do comment moderation cuz i don't need to as it is not me who talk bad about other people. dear readers, now YOU can be the judge. YOU can now see the true intentions of this so-called orang yang berselindung di sebalik nama Allah untuk menginsafkan orang lain, tetapi diri sendiri rupanya... subhanallah... beribu-ribu kali memerlukan keinsafan dariNya.

eventho it is hard for me to let the comment to be viewed by others due to the fact she has tarnished my mama's (too) good name, tapi dengan kuasa Allah tu, memang dah nampak sangat apa yang dia nak cakap dan buat. and no, again, orang macam ni takkan boleh stop me from writing as long as i shall live.

may Allah grant you with whatever you're trying to achieve in this small world.

and about the POLICE REPORT, YES, I'M BLOODY SERIOUS!! sila la hantar komen lagi.


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