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Thursday, July 16, 2009

*makeup junkie mode: ON!*

tangan gatal nak type something but nothing interesting nak cerita pon.

office is quiet today as most of them are busy with meetings and all.

hey, i tengah buat kerja jugak la ni while surfing the net.
*multitasking la konon.. sambil tekan new tab to checkout youtube*

eh, sarah victor dah update her vlog (video-blog?) lah.. jap. nak check them out!

will be right back! (kalau sempat)
* ek ek with morrison the puppet monkey masa makan kat nando's ioi mall. different location, different day, different month... same outfit macam entry semalam. his favourite tee la ni..*

ha. kan dah...
boss baru keluar meeting terus bambu kitorang sebab dia pon baru kena bambu..



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