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Friday, July 24, 2009

i eagerly waiting for...

... the latest updates on my idol in the advertising industry, the great yasmin ahmad.

as everyone knows by now, she's in the icu at the damansara specialist centre, after having a stroke (as reported by her brother-in-law doctor) while pitching for a potential tv commercial to the media prima group at sri pentas tv3.

she was revived on the way to the hospital by the paramedics and went on for an emergency surgery to eased the swelling in her brain by removing blood clots.

(credit pic to: bernama & mstar online)

she's on a life support and medications now and her condition was reported as stable.

i am saddened upon hearing this news as she was my idol back in the varsity years and still is!

please pray for her speedy recovery, my dear readers.
insya Allah... (credit pic to: bernama & mstar online)

please click here for the latest update.

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