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Friday, September 25, 2009

lunching munching.

since today is the last day for me to be sangap at the office and next week keadaan sudah kembali normal, lemme just write a quick entry sementara stok masih ada ni...

tadi went out for lunch with billa kat spaghetti grill @midvalley. if i'm not mistaken, the place tu macam sister company to chili's la kot sebab logo pon nampak sama je dua-dua tu. dah lama macam nak try makan kat situ, but selalu, either terlupa or tak sempat. so tadi kitorang pegi sebab the lunch set is only priced at rm9.95++.

menu for the set lunches consist of main course - choices of pastas, salads, panini sandwiches or pizzas - and beverage - soft drinks - je la. so i chose the aglio olio & iced lemon tea and billa had beef pepperoni pizza & coke.

billa was laughing away and assumed that for rm9.95++, maybe kitorang would get a small portion of the normal priced item of each, after reading the actual menu sebab kat menu tu, for my aglio olio, the normal price is rm20++. so, imagine la for rm9.95++.. mesti dapat portion yang ala-ala cukup makan je..

and so.. the drinks came first and they were in full size mug yang you'd get at any chili's or tgif's outlets. hmm.. we were like.. ok la tu.. at least it wasn't being served in some normal size glasses..

then, after patiently (billa was restless sebenarnya sebab dia sibuk nak beli baju la kasut laa) waited for the food, the seconds the waiter put them food kat atas meja, we were impressed! sebab the food weren't being sized-down (or so it may be.. tak penah tengok full portion camne) they tasted wonderful! dah la aglio olio tu version spaghettini (thinner than spaghetti but thicker than angel hair. some called it vermicelli), it tasted better than version spaghetti, just the way i liked it, with a thick slice of soft, warm, garlic bread! and it was wayyyyy better than the delicious cafe version of aglio olio! seriously!

simply glorious! i shot this pic masa stop half way tu.. tengok la. siap ada capsicum, broccoli, enoki mushrooms (!) and herbs (chopped parsley). *if kat delicious cafe, it was only the pasta and chopped parsley. no other condiments. at a price of rm24++ pulak tu. gila cekik darah!*

as for billa's beef pepperoni pizza, it was this soft-thin-crusted version and it tasted good as well! and when the bill came, we just paid rm11.45 each including 10% service and 5% govt tax! dirt cheap rm11.45 for a scrumptious lunch! i stopped half way before continuing sebab makan half pon dah rasa kenyang.. worth the money!

billa's beef pepperoni. thin but sedap!

the iced lemon tea & coke.

nah! the receipt. tak tipu woo!


same row as chili's, seed cafe, maybank, gloria jeans coffee.. and ni haaa.. only sebelah the pondok polis mid valley city!

owhh.. just so you know, they also offered dinner set at rm16.95++ with additional of soup of the day and dessert besides the main course and beverage. for lunch set, it starts from 11am - 5pm and for dinner, 5pm - 11pm. (haha. macam whole day je murah.. baik tak yah ada normal priced menu tu kan.. hahahaa) and of course la for limited choice of dishes je kan..

ok lah! happy raya-open-house weekend korang!
eat moderately and ingatlah perut tersayang. heh.


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