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Friday, September 04, 2009

when the going gets tough, the tough go to bed and produce babies.

today marks the 32nd year of living for sis#2.
happy birthday dear sis! may Allah bless your life and may all your wish come true.
and hopefully you'll get married to the person you love according to schedule. amin.

on the other note, i recently celebrated the arrival of 2 lovely baby girls, mothered by 2 different person of course. they were belong to my two besties, elly & ika. and they were absolutely the most adorable babies i've ever seen. (err.. well in elly's case, i haven't really got to see her girl literally, tengok gambar kat her blog je. tu pon berkurun nak update pompuan tu..)

ok. let's start with the 1st baby to be born, elly's...

auny aisyah syaza bt mohammad syaffik was born on the 25th of july 2009 (the day yasmin ahmad passed away) at the columbia asia hospital, puchong. the nite before her baby was born, elly texted asking me about how does a contraction feel since she dah sakit-sakit pinggang semua tu. so, i called her, we chatted about it. just so you know, this is her 2nd child and she was hoping for a normal delivery as her first was a c-sect procedure.

and so, the next day, i got her sms again, saying she had safely delivered lil aisyah, thru normal birth. i'm so glad for her because her wish came true (read: jimattt duit diaa.. haha). and since i was out with billa & lil zaes at that time, i decided to surprised her and made a detour to the hospital on the way back home.

i was greeted by a.. loud.. nebuliser-in-use-like sound when i stepped into her room. owh.. it was actually her captain hubby, who was exhaustedly asleep (it was actually the sound of.. him.. snoring.. err..) and totally unaware of our visit dari masa kitorang sampai till nak balik! heh.

and since her lil girl was jaundice-high, she was placed at the neonatal care unit and only parents were allowed to see the baby. sebab tu la tak dapat jumpa lil aisyah masa tu jugak eventho i was there for almost an hour la kot. i decided to go back sebab si ek ek mintak makanan from ibu dia yang tengah nak makan malam, with the dah-sebulan-mommey-tak-bagi-ek-ek-makan face. agak memalukan. notty boy!

so i left without a picture of her lil girl. but untuk tidak menghampakan semua orang, here are some pix, curiked from elly's blog.

eh.. i lupa. ni lah gambar yang i amik masa kat hospital hari tu. *berlakon..*

@ 2 weeks old.

@ 4 weeks old.

and this is her big bro's pic, lil dandan with their ibu.

lil dandan has a softer & sweeter look compared to his lil sis. aisyah has this fierce-don't-mess-with-me! look, ikut ayah dia, incek kapten tu.

i have yet to visit her due to my other commitment. nanti mommey pegi visit the both of you ok. present pon tak bagi lagi ni... =)

congrats to incek kapten & elly. and auntie tok chik.. hi auntieee! =)

and exactly a month & 5 days after that, my other besties, ika, delivered her 1st baby (after 3 years of marriage) on the day before the national day, 30th august 2009 (the 9th day of ramadhan) at the sime darby medical centre subang jaya. and again, the nite before that, she texted, asking about which paediatrician should she choose for her lil girl.

weh.. i dah jadi macam kaunter pertanyaan sebelum anda beranak la pulak. huhuu..

btw, her pride and joy is called ayra zafreen bt uzairi hamizi.
(what's with the letter 'A' babes?)

and so, on merdeka day, we went to the hospital to catch a sight of lil ayra. we were in luck sebab masa tu ika tengah breastfed her tiny lil girl. i was a lil excited. ok. very excited! sebab finally i got to see my besties yang sorang ni holding and feeding her own baby. worth the wait innit?

as she is a first time mother, i told her the do's and don't's and what not to prepare in the 1st few weeks ni. i can see that she's quite worried about it, but i know, deep inside, she is excited, happy and can't wait to go through all these. of course, i gave her few tips for her inner being and other private stuff so that she knows what to expect later... er.. ehemm..?*clears throat*

anyway, let's see these pics, shall we?

1-day old ayra. she's tiny!

look at that chin!! kecik-kecik dah pandai pakai botox eh?

look at that sepet eyes!

one more for the blog gurly!

heyshh! korang buat gua geram la! gua makan jugak kenit-kenit ni kang..

congratulations to the both of you, ika & zairi!

babies... aren't they adorable? masa kecik memang adorable!
tapi bila besar, jadik macam si ek ek tu, pening kepala! sebab dah pandai cakap pastu dah pandai mengenakan orang. notty! notty! notty!

ok. tak tipu ni. zaes took his lil chair and joined his daddy immediately after incek suami started strumming the guitar. tapi gitar yang dia pegang tu, sekadar pegang jelah. i shall upload the video later la eh.


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