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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cuppa cup cup!

yesterday nite, while breaking our fast, i heard my neighbour called out for incek suami. rupanya dah jenuh dia bagi salam, but due to the loud sound from the tv, kitorang tak dengar pon dorang panggil.

when i went out, jaja handed this plastic bag containing a big box that looked like a box of cake. it turned out to be a box full of mini cupcakes. cute lil cupcakes! i was awed at the sight of the cuppa while asking the purpose of giving us them cuppas. jaja cakap saja-saja.. yelah.. bulan puasa kan.. bulan memberi dan menerima and sharing is caring.. but these cuppas were just in huge portion! ada la apa-apa occasion tu tapi tak nak cakap kot? heh.. hi jaja! yes. she reads my blog. =)

after few times waving to her chubby lil boy who was being carried by her sister, i went inside and revealed them cuppas to the troop. we were all complimenting on how cute and neat they looked like! owh.. they were from the famous cuppacakes® by +wondermilk®.

aren't they awesome? colour coordination pon sweet je.

and since i'm not a cake person (used to like cakes very much but can't really stand the sweetness nowadays.. yes. i think i'm 40 year old..) tak sampai hati tak rasa sebab ramai orang cakap the +wondermilk®'s cuppa memang sedap. lagipon, i've tried a few before (from other cupcake brands), it's either the icing or the cake itself that would turned me off.

so, i took one and at one go, the icing and moist vanilla sponge cake melted in my mouth in seconds. as usual, the icing was very sweet, rasa macam makan cotton candy yang dikepal-kepal but the vanilla sponge cake was fantastico! sedap! ok. ok. not bad. at least lebih sedap dari yang lain-lain... 2 thumbs up! again, thanks jaja & family!

this is jaja's son. his name is fahim.
pipi pon dah rupa macam cupcake dah...


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