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Friday, June 01, 2007


yay! can't wait for our penang trip tomorrow la..
eventho we're staying there for jez 1 nite but having the thoughts that we're going for a vacation really make my day! kesian kan... nampak sangat jakun nak bercuti....

itupon ada sebab jugak why are we heading there dis weekend.. one of our former classmate buat kenduri kawen laa.. apa lagi. sekarang kan skool hols.. so.. mmg byk la kenduri. his kenduri will be held somewhere in jelutong.. hopefully we manage to find the place.. yelah.. dah la jarang berjalan.. penang pulak tu.. i think the last time i was there pon.. it was almost 2years back kot... went there for my cousin's wedding. but the most important thing when we are there is to eat penang food as much possible!! haha! i'm a sucker when it comes to penang delicacies.. esp the laksa and char kuey teow.. but not nasi kandar tho.. as i'm not into rice these days.. ow well... i don't know! maybe the baby is rejecting rice pulak skrg...

i hope our journey would be safe and sound. another 2 or 3 families will be joining us for this trip, so i guess it's gonna be a santai trip. y'know.. bawak keta pelan-pelan, berenti-berenti makan/minum kat r&r.. camtu la kot.

ni la pengantin.. azizul & ashiqin. the solemnisation was held last week in kluang, johor. azizul is a dear utara friend of mine during varsity times... sukanya kawen... =D


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