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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

30 to 30.


this is not a countdown, but instead some precious moments (or sour ones) i'd like to share.
itupon if i could breathe each day before the big 3 0. God's will, insyaAllah. but if Allah has another plan for me, seperti: mati before i turn 30, nothing that i could do melainkan redha je. tapi mestilah semua orang pon mengharapkan that we'll live longer kan..

ok. sad notes aside.

if most of us rasa takut dengan angka 3 kat depan umur dorang when the time comes, in this case, i'm excluded. i like the fact that i'm turning 30. it is such a wonderful number (coincidentally i ♥ the number 3) and i really think that one shouldn't be ashamed of turning 30.

ada someone in my life (no names mention) yang suka takut-takutkan or rather bila cakap pasal umur je, mesti cakap, "oh noo.. you're turning 30 soon! isk. isk." masa tu of course la i keep my cool eventho dalam hati ni rasa pelik sket kenapa dia nak kena cakap camtu? what is so scary about turning 30? aren't you going to turn 30, one fine day? and then she (selalunya memang perempuan la yang kecoh sangat pasal numbers ni) would go on and on about it. then i'd answer that i'm ok with it and bersyukur when the time comes. pastu she'd give me this are-you-in-denial-buat-buat-cool-tapi-sebenarnya-tak-suka-kan look. sorry, i'm not in denial nor buat-buat konon ok tapi tak, ok! seriously, i think age is just a number! no matter how old are you, tapi perangai macam rumah tak siap je, pon takleh pakai jugak kan.

age is created only to remind us that we have to be at par of where we're at and what we should be doing. to focus in life, spiritually & logically. and i'm not ashamed of my age.

*actually, kebanyakan manusia (normally perempuan) tak suka nak dedahkan umur sebab takut dengan kedut-kedut and kendur-kendur sana sini. tu yang ada yang sibuk nak botox tang sini, cucuk tang situ. tapi kalau dah banyak sangat botox, muka pon dah jadi macam kucing pencen, lagi la orang takut nak tengok muka yang penuh dengan cosmetic procedures tu kan. i want to age gracefully, therefore insyaAllah, i hope i won't be doing these kind of cosmetic surgeries in the near future.*

so, to all my readers, no matter how old you are, please don't be afraid to tell the world your age. be proud of it.

this picture was taken when i was 3.. kot. tah.
mister mama couldn't remember.



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