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Monday, October 12, 2009

huggies® baby photo contest, in collaboration with giant.

i received a notification via email from huggies about this contest, some weeks ago and baru sekarang la i got the time to enroll zaes' best pic for a chance of winning 6 months supply of diaper.

therefore dear readers and friends and family, if you have a lil time to spare, please click here and vote for lil zaes by entering the key word: meor mirzaeskandar, and then click vote, once the image of zaes appears on the screen to increase his chance of winning the 6 months supply of huggies diaper!

a lil note on huggies diaper, zaes has been using the brand since he was born and so far huggies has been a great diaper and didn't cause much problems as it provides great protection against leaks at the legs, an all-over breathable, soft, cloth-like cover, keeping baby’s skin feeling fresh & dry and that extra softness for that extra care on your baby's delicate skin.

*last year, we managed to purchased a one-year supply of huggies various product diaper - the pull-ups pants, dry, dry comfort - from the kimberly-clarks warehouse sale, due to repackaging/rebranding of their diaper products, at an out-of-this-world price... rm300++ for more than 20 over packs of diapers. seriously no kidding! (since it was on a first-come-first-serve basis, we were at the location of the warehouse sale at about 5.30 in the morning and since it happened during ramadhan, we went there straight after we had our sahur at mcdonald's.. hahaha.. madness ey?) we ran out of the normal diapers just recently, tapi pull-ups pants still ada few more packs. owh, that rm300++ tu including some cartons of kotex.. the tuala wanita (disposable pads)! gila kan?*

oh, btw, below is the pic i've put up for you to vote!

please vote for meor mirzaeskandar.
hey! that's me! please please please vote for me,
so that i can save a lil of daddy's money for 6 months.
thank you so much to you, you & you!

just so you know, you can vote as many times as you want!
what are you waiting for then?

vote now! vote now! vote now!

hahahaaa.. over.

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