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Thursday, October 01, 2009

eid mubaraq anecdotes.

are you waiting for me to publish the zaes yang hot stuff entry?
or maybe you've forgotten all about it? kan usually i like to end my entry with something i promised to write for the next blog post, but akhirnya tak muncul-muncul pon cerita itu...? ha. that's the case here la. i don't think i'll be serenading you with that story sebab selain daripada cerita itu dah basi, mungkin butir-butir lain telah pon dilupai. *besides the bits and pieces of the angry feeling i still have for lil zaes for being so naughty and taknak dengar cakap mommey semalam. notty boy!*

anyway, before i terlupa mengenai anekdot hari raya 2009, lebih baik la i mula menulis mengenainya. it might not be as funny, but as and when the situation happened, memang kelakar la for me. ok. let's start, shall we?

scene 1.
mak's (b's mom) house, tanjung karang.
hari raya day one.
that first day of hari raya, we received a lot of guests of which most of them were mak's relatives. lil zaes was busy tailing his daddy when at this one point, they were separated sebab b was fast avoiding lil zaes from following him sebab nak pegi merokok (amaran kerajaan malaysia: merokok tidak baik untuk kesihatan) kat luar. so, i carried him and masa tu jugak he shouted across to his dad,

"subhi karim!! subhi karim!!"

everyone started to look around and laughed upon hearing this.

panggil incek bapa dengan nama... mat salleh la lu brader! heh.
*nak kena moral-check budak ni. biasa dia ni!*

scene 2.
bro-in-law's crib, subang jaya.
hari raya day four.
selepas puas berhari raya kat seremban & puchong with my besties, elly & ika and their newborn babies, after maghrib kitorang pegi berhari raya kat rumah my b.i.l pulak. so happened mister mama's bro & family nak datang beraya so we decided to meet them up there before inviting them to our place. so they came to my b.i.l's house with another entourage of family, which is, his in-laws. dah la anak-anak uncle min memang ramai (6 of them i think?), so bila yang masuk rumah tu ada more than 6 teenagers, rumah my b.i.l terus jadi hingar-bingar. tapi tak kisah la. orang datang beraya (read: tengah kira-kira cukup tak sampul duit raya yg masih ada content nak bagi kat dorang tu...)

so, masa time makan, my sis pon hidang la mee goreng (yang dibeli di mamak bistro berdekatan) and this fusion of drink since she's not into buying berbotol-botol carbonated drinks when festive season is here.

i was watching tv while eating the hell pedas mee mamak when one of them teenagers, let's call her miss konon-pandai *who is btw not my cousin, she was my cousin's cousin. so, no relation there ok*, comfortably made her way in front of me and suka hati tukar the channel. then i overheard a conversation among them:

my cousin: isk. sedapnya air ni. (referring to the drink made by my sis)
miss konon-pandai: a'ah.. sedap kan.
my cousin: air apa agaknya ni kan?
miss konon-pandai: oh.. ni air pink guava. (muka confident macam dia yang bancuh air tu tadi)

geram punya pasal, i pon mencelah,
"eh.. tu bukan pink guava la. tu ribena campur lemon kordial."

tiba-tiba miss konon-pandai (dengan muka yang cuak) terus buat iklan ribena,
"kelass rumah kakak!"

err..? wtf?

and it didn't end there.

when they adjourned to our place, and since dorang pon dah makan, i just made coffee and tea (but my uncle and his wife couldn't resist mister mama's leftover lunch, so they continued..) and hidangkan some's donuts which was brought by miya & jai earlier on.

so, sorang-sorang budak-budak tu datang and grab them donuts. then, miss konon-pandai came and about to get one. bila dia dah amik tu, just before she bite them, i heard her murmuring to herself, "ooohh! i love big apple (a competitor of's)" when you can clearly see the's box, right in front of you! since it was already late and the fact that i'm gonna start working the next day and that i'm left with below zero level of energy, i just kept quiet eventho my heart was flaming and shouted "tu donuts la weyh!" profusely!

then miss konon-pandai made her way to the sofa and quickly channel surfing until she stopped at starworld when she saw the sight of barack obama being interviewed by mr letterman. dengan penuh gedik di mata dan hatinya, miss konon-pandai raised the tv volume and glued herself in front of the idiot box and pretended she was obama's no.1 fan! *pretended sebab she didn't really listened to what he has to say, just plain feasting her eyes with his looks and stuff..*

can we get rid of these wannabes soonest?

i might sound like a pathetic old lady who can't accept the fact that she's not in her era anymore (bummer!) hence couldn't really understand teenagers zaman sekarang punya style.. ow well.. maybe. maybe not. miss konon-pandai was just plain annoying, with a long scarf terlilit kat leher tapi takde la sejuk mana pon malam tu. owh.

scene 3.
our place, putra heights.
hari raya day six.
since we came back like really late from my auntie's house in gombak the nite before, niat nak bangun pagi and pegi pasar untuk membeli bahan-bahan memasak bagi merealisasikan sesi ajak-beberapa-kawan-ke-rumah-untuk-berhari-raya-sambil-menikmati-rendang-masakan-mister-mama-kesayangan-hamba terpaksa dilupakan (ye kak w. tu la sebab utama i terpaksa kensel rancangan utama hari sabtu itu.. heh.)

tapi, walaupon bangun lambat, incek suami masih ingin menikmati rendang ayam, nasi impit & kuah kacang, lalu dengan gigihnya he decided to cooked them himself. so we when to the nearby hypermarket.

roxy: no babe! no way! please let mama cook!
b: i can. i can. i can. dah. jangan sibuk.
roxy: tak yah beli banyak2 sangat ayam tu, nanti tak jadi, tak sedap, buang je. (hell yeah, those were my exact words!)
b: i kata boleh, boleh la! hish!

armed with the recipe he got from the net, since he insisted on searching for the recipe instead of using mister mama's (and of course, what's a rendang ayam without its ingredients la kan) he forbade mister mama from entering the kitchen and did everything himself from scratch.

walaupon 2 hours plus nak siapkan, but he did it! piccas comin' up!

the recipe from the net, being magnetised on the fridge door.

rendang ayam incek subhikarimdotcom.

kudos to him cuz rite after i have to stuffed my own words in my ugly face sebab semua orang makan dan siap tambah eventho masin sket.

that afternoon, i got a phone call from my childhood friend who was in the country for the past 2 months (he's working in the uk accompanying his lovely wife, afzan yang tengah buat phd, alongside their 2 beautiful sons) tapi didn't bother to call me till that day. so, terus invite dorang datang rumah and they came around 8-ish camtu (anak-anak dorang, fd & imran iskandar were the most adorable-geramnya-aku-tengok budak i've ever seen!) and we had a long chat! afzan was a soft-spoken person (just so you know, i never had a face to face conversation with her before) you could hardly heard her. tiba-tiba rasa segan sebab i was being me, loud and about! hehe.. *sorry afzan. i memang camtu. hope you tak kena culture shock!*

dahla geram tengok anak dorang tu, especially imran yang tak kisah sapa pon dukung dia. dah la muka macam pompuan! fd pulak, when i brought out the toys, punya la happy main dengan toys zaes yang tak berapa nak elok tu especially the cars.

so, while the hubbies were doing their final round of polluting the air, i asked lil imran if he wants chocolates tapi fd yang cakap nak dulu! (surprisingly fd speaks fluent malay despite being born & bred in the uk. bagus!)

so i went to the kitchen (he was tailing me all the way.. hahaha oh-so comel!) to get the hershey's kisses and reese's pieces. i gave some to fd and he ate almost immediately! rupanya dia memang chocoholic. and memandangkan chocolate tu banyak and dari buat perhiasan, i pon decide to pack some for him to eat in the car on the way back home.

roxy: ok fd, lemme give you some for you to bring back home yah?
fd: ok auntie. nanti auntie bagi farish banyak-banyak k. (with a charming innocent look on his face!)

i responded by giving him a kiss on his forehead! he is soo cute!
*can you resist not to kiss a lil boy who gave an honest, spontaneous statement like that? sigh..*

and sampai dorang nak balik baru realised we didn't take any pictures at all. takpe. afzan, mintak permission amik gambar korang from your fb k? thanks!

the couple, faizul (my childhood fenemy - friend+enemy) and his wifey, afzan.

farish danial aka fd & imran iskandar, respectively.

imran iskandar. nak jugak tunjuk gambar ni! isn't he adorable??

eh, korang. for the next few syawal weekends ni mesti banyak open house nak kena attend kan? as for me, ada few official and unofficial ones. haven't decide sebab incek suami will be busy shooting weddings starting this weekend. bukan apa, nak pegi secara berduet rather than secara trio adalah sangat memenatkan tambah pulak si zaes sudah semakin out of control. at least, if incek suami is around, takdela terasa penat sangat (read: sebenarnya nak tido dalam kereta rather than kena drive.. ye. i mengaku, tak nak jadi hipokrit. owh. owh. that reminds me to renew my dah-mati-7-bulan-lepas-driving-license soonest!!)

nak buat camne. dia mencari rezeki halal.
rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicarik.

fret not! i'll be fine.
will try my best to attend any open houses i've been invited to ok?

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